HireTrade Launches New Legal Staffing Marketplace

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<p><strong>Arlington, Va. &mdash; Dec. 3</strong><br />HireTrade launched a new online legal staffing marketplace. With its limited-release beta testing complete, HireTrade is now a fully functional nationwide legal staffing marketplace open to all hiring parties and legal professionals.<br /><br />Powered by the patent-pending HourlyValue Ratings System, HireTrade allows legal staffing agencies, headhunters, law firms, businesses and clients to find, compare, choose and manage the recruitment of the best legal professionals for their projects and jobs, while allowing qualified legal professionals to be rewarded for their superior work and gain access to a variety of projects, jobs and client engagements.<br /><br />HireTrade serves the needs of legal staffing agencies looking to hire contract attorneys and other legal professionals for projects, clients looking to hire expert counsel to handle legal matters, and law firms and businesses looking to hire lawyers and other legal professionals. The marketplace provides legal professionals with the ability to obtain work from prospective clients as well as express interest in contract projects and permanent jobs, if they choose. By using HireTrade, many highly qualified professionals will have their pick of projects and jobs listed by various hiring parties and have such hiring parties compete for their services.<br /><br />Neil Sandhu, the company&#39;s CEO, remarked, “After meeting with a number of law firms, agencies and other hiring parties over the last few months during our initial beta testing period, we realized the need in the marketplace for a service that more efficiently and effectively connects all hiring parties with qualified legal professionals, whether the matter is a client engagement, temporary project or permanent job. We believe our unique marketplace will allow hiring parties to quickly, easily and effectively meet their clients&#39; needs while allowing legal professionals to more easily find high-quality projects and jobs with a variety of clients and other hiring parties.”<br /><br />Among many other valuable functions, HireTrade features a unique professional performance ratings system that harnesses the collective wisdom of clients. The HourlyValue Ratings System provides a powerful and efficient way for hiring parties to compare professionals based on the average level of service provided by professionals in the past, as judged by clients, and for professionals to get paid closer to what their work is worth. Thus, a more transparent and efficient market for professional services is created. </p>

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