HireAbility Launches Talent Trader Recruiter

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<p><strong>Londonderry, N.H. &mdash; April 11</strong><br />HireAbility.com, a provider of integrated recruiting software and services, has unveiled Talent Trader, a hosted professional networking platform that enables numerous recruiting communities to link their members to make more placements and obtain industry advice, resources, job opportunities and more. </p><p>Talent Trader is the platform for HireAbility&rsquo;s own recruiter network of more than 350 professional staffing firms, and it can be private-labeled for other networks of any size.<br /><br />Using Talent Trader, members of large national staffing associations or small geographic-specific recruiter groups easily can locate and communicate with potential business partners, networking contacts, nd industry experts. </p><p>Detailed member profiles, discussion groups, activity ratings, endorsements, user-definable &quot;recruiting partners&quot; and other tools once found only in social networks make this possible. </p><p>Additionally, because recruiters interact in members-only arenas, their discussions are more candid and carry more valuable decision-making information than those conducted in online public chat rooms.<br /><br />Talent Trader also offers recruiters significant advantages over today&rsquo;s social networking tools. Functions for sharing job openings and candidates, cross posting to job boards and add-ons for Internet resume mining are just a few of the ways HireAbility meets the unique needs of the staffing industry. </p><p>Its own recruiter network leverages these features and more suchas libraries of shared documents, recruiter training materials, webinars by industry experts, resume parsing and weekly split-placement conference calls.<br /><br />&quot;Until now, countless formal and informal recruiting groups and associations had no infrastructure or tools to allow member communication and information sharing beyond simple e-mail or public forums,&quot; said Craig Silverman, HireAbility executive vice president of sales and marketing. &quot;Talent Trader provides an advanced tool for messaging, job and candidate searching and sharing, as well as other staffing-specific functions that have been lacking on the market. </p><p>&quot;In the last several years, social networking sites have exploded in popularity, but there hasn&#39;t been anything of real substance specifically tailored to the recruiting industry. We are excited to be the first to market with a tool of this caliber.&quot; </p>

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