High Rankings Forum on Search Engine Optimization Celebrates Four Years, Sees Significant Industry Changes

<p><strong>Framingham, Mass. &mdash; Aug. 15</strong><br />It&#39;s been four years since High Rankings, a search marketing company that optimizes Web sites, bringing in more targeted traffic, conversions and sales, launched its High Rankings Forum. </p><p>In that time, High Rankings Founder Jill Whalen has seen a marked change in the search engine and social media landscape. </p><p>Among the changes: how online success is measured, the emergence of social media and blogs and the trend known as &quot;link-baiting.&quot;<br /><br />A significant change is in the way success online is measured and monitored.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;Really great Web analytics software has been introduced in the last few years, including the free Google Analytics, and these have enabled the search marketing industry to measure the things that matter most,&quot; Whalen said. &quot;For example, traffic and conversions actually help a company&#39;s bottom line, whereas up until recently, companies tracked less important metrics such as where pages ranked in the search engines.&quot;<br /><br />In a recent informal poll on the High Rankings Forum site, 26 percent of respondents cited &quot;how online success is measured&quot; as one of the top two changes in the past few years.&nbsp; </p><p>The other significant change is &quot;social media,&quot; which tied with &quot;how online success is measured&quot; at 26 percent.<br /><br />&quot;The term &#39;social media&#39; didn&#39;t exist when we started the forum four years ago, but its roots go back to the early days of the commercial Internet, with online social communities and chat rooms for virtually any topic you imagined,&quot; Whalen said. &quot;With the…



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