Help Desk Certs Offer Competence and Confidence

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I must say I’m a little surprised that as of Monday morning no one had responded to the latest CertMag poll question about the value of help desk certifications. Everyone must still be slant-eyed from the weekend’s excesses because the answer to this question seems fairly obvious. Admittedly, I am looking at the answer from a different perspective, but even from my editorial viewpoint, the value of this particular cert seems crystal-clear: help desk certifications mean better service when you need it, and better service means less aggravation.


Think of it like a foreign customer service phone bank. You may had a taste of this while checking your credit card balances, since it’s now a common practice to use customer service phone banks that have been outsourced to countries such as India. I haven’t had a bad experience, which I find remarkable, not because of any slight to the workers of India, but because it would seem that such a situation would naturally elicit language issues, if nothing else. I assume that the ease of my communications with India is the result of more than adequate training, and I shudder to think what those conversations would be like without it.


Imagine this. Your computer is throwing up error signals early on Monday morning. You need to access files to prepare for a meeting with your supervisor and key department heads regarding a project that you are leading. You call the IT help desk, and are met with incompetence. How would that affect your work, your productivity level, your patience? When you call for help, you want help. You want competence. You want someone who understands and is confident that even if they cannot help you, they can find someone with the answers you need and do so very quickly. That is the assurance a help desk certification can provide: the promise of competence and confidence with that advanced touch of professionalism and customer service skill that can mean the difference between you having a slight head ache and being a total head case!

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