HCI Names Robert Reich as Keynote for City Talent

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<p><strong>Washington, D.C. &mdash; May 10</strong><br />The Human Capital Institute (HCI) has announced that former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich will keynote each of the organization&#39;s City Talent Summits in Boston, Chicago, Dallas and Philadelphia this fall.&nbsp; </p><p>With U.S. economic growth lagging behind some of the world&#39;s more dynamic economies, and with the Iowa caucuses following just months later, the conferences will provide four regionwide spotlights on home-grown economic issues just as the election cycle is poised to begin examining the continuing implications of globalization, international competitiveness, global sourcing of talent and corporate transformation.<br /><br />&quot;With all other barriers disappearing, the only asset on which the sustained competitiveness of a business depends is its talent,&quot; said Reich, who served as a Secretary of Labor during the Clinton administration.&nbsp; &quot;With all the geographic borders blurring, the only resource on which the future standard of living of a city or a region uniquely depends is its talent.</p><p>&quot;All business strategy and all economic development come down to one thing: attracting, retaining, nurturing and developing talent.&quot;<br /><br />HCI&#39;s City Talent Summits will be one-day events held in Dallas at Southern Methodist University on Oct. 18; in Boston at the University of Massachusetts on Nov. 2; in Chicago at the Union League on Nov. 16; and in Philadelphia at the Union League on Nov. 30.&nbsp; </p><p>Each event will be preceded by an HCI research study that identifies key challenges and opportunities for the city and surrounding region.<br /><br />&quot;For our business and political leaders, achieving economic success is a primary challenge, especially given the increased level of simultaneous competition occurring around the world,&quot; Mike Foster, HCI chairman, said. &quot;At issue is the vitality of our cities, the sustainability of an upwardly mobile middle class as a part of their core, the development of our regional economies, as well as longer-term solutions for sustainable international competitiveness. We need workable, practical plans and solutions.&quot;<br /><br />The City Talent Summits will feature key findings from HCI&#39;s Talent Market Index Research Study, now under way, as well as City Summit panels on branding talent and attraction, education and human capital development, innovation and economic growth, and alignment and retention. </p><p>HCI&#39;s City Talent Summit participants will benefit from an online portal for collaboration, yearlong action planning and follow-up, and they also will have a City Summit Outcomes report to share with clients and prospects. </p>

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