HCI & Halogen Software Partner to Launch Initiative

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<strong>Washington &mdash; Jan. 15</strong><br />The Human Capital Institute (HCI), a global professional association and educator in talent management<br />strategies, and Halogen Software, the leading provider of Web-based employee performance and talent management software, announced that the two organizations will jointly launch a Performance Management in the Mid-Market education and research track. The track is one of several topics addressed in HCI&#39;s Talent by Sector community of interest, a community specifically tailored to the human capital needs of organizations within specific industry segments.<br /><br />”In today&#39;s economy, one of the biggest challenges facing business leaders is how to get a handle on employee performance: how to better understand the composition and productivity of the workforce, and more importantly, how to attract, motivate, develop and retain top performers,” said Allan Schweyer, HCI&#39;s president and executive director. “The urgency of doing this well is even more critical for mid-market<br />enterprises, especially fast-growth organizations.”<br /><br />For mid-market enterprises, the ability to jump past the competition into larger markets often depends on the performance of a key set of teams and even individuals. As a result, mid-market companies need<br />enterprise-level tools and strategies similar to the ones used by their Fortune 1000 counterparts, but without the complexity, price tags or lengthy implementation schedules.<br /><br />Accordingly, HCI&#39;s learning track looks at tools and techniques that quickly enable employee performance management; among these are goal alignment and tracking, 360-degree multi-rater assessments, employee<br />appraisals, performance journals, executive dashboards and others. The track examines the ways in which these tools and techniques link to key areas, such as organizational development, compensation, career transition and succession planning. A panel of expert advisers examines case studies that specifically target the employee performance challenges mid-market enterprises face. With a focus on identifying practical means to make big advances quickly, the panel shares insights and information through webcasts, white papers, education and other resources.<br /><br />On Jan. 17, HCI&#39;s Performance Management in the Mid-Market education and research track will feature the webcast, The Keys to the Boardroom: Helping HR Drive Strategy in the Mid-Market Enterprise.<br /><br />”With proper focus, the talent challenges mid-market organizations face can be overcome. We are pleased to support the Human Capital Institute&#39;s learning track in order to provide organizations with tools that can<br />help them better manage employee performance,” said Paul Loucks, president and CEO of Halogen Software. <br />

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