Have You Had Enough of Cubicle Life?

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How do you feel about your workspace? If you’re like respondents to a recent Logitech survey, you consider it average or worse. In the survey, 42 percent of respondents rated their cubicle or office as a C, while another 10 percent scored theirs a D. Four percent gave their space an F. Altogether, only 6 percent of respondents gave their workspace an A.




Brenda Batenburg, senior manager of market research for Logitech said that the problem could be clutter, lack of personal input or poor computer systems, but U.S. office workers are not pleased with the space they sit in for an average 37.5 hours per week. (That’s 14.2 hours more than these people spend in their living rooms, folks!) She said workers are happier when they get a little more control over the layout and furniture in their cubicles or offices. “The overall design of the workspace is critical when considering just how much time people spend in their workspace and what’s expected of them.”




Of those who gave their workspace a C or lower, 59 percent said they would feel more valued by their employers if they got more say in defining their work environment. Nearly 85 percent said their comfort level could be improved.




Seven percent of respondents claimed their desks were a safety hazard, and 6 percent were embarrassed by their workspace. And, my favorite finding, 9 percent of respondents said they wouldn’t want their mother to see where they work. (Me, I’ve been begging my mom to come visit and check out my 35th floor view of Lake Michigan and downtown Chicago.)  




The top annoyance? Privacy of personal workspace was cited by 43 percent of respondents as the main problem, and 24 percent said too many cords on their desktops were the problem.



So where do you fall? I may give my workspace an A, but I’ll bet many readers have problems with their day-to-day surroundings. The happy news is that Logitech is throwing a makeover contest this month. No, this isn’t one of those Oprah or Maury makeovers where your mom complains about your clothes and they pretty (read, “preppy”) you up. This is a contest for a neat purse: personalized advice from a professional design consultant plus a prize package of equipment and furniture worth $530. To enter, visit http://makeover.logitech.com.

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