Harris, Rothenberg International Announces Program

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<p><strong>New York &mdash; June 26</strong><br />Harris, Rothenberg International (HRI) LLC, a global performance management company, has announced the implementation of a new health and wellness program, Healthy Changes. </p><p>Healthy Changes targets the behaviors that lead to unhealthy lifestyles and helps employees to change them in order to lead healthier lives.<br /><br />With medical costs on the rise, employers are turning to their benefit providers for ways to improve employee health. </p><p>In response to this need, HRI is now offering its clients the Healthy Changes program, which is based on the recognition that many people require medical attention and/or miss work because of poor lifestyle choices such as smoking and overeating and that if employees can learn to make better choices, their health will greatly improve.<br /><br />Healthy Changes begins by reaching out to employee populations through rigorous promotional campaigns. </p><p>Employees are invited to call the Healthy Changes line toll-free 24×7 to speak with a licensed counselor, who then works with the employee, either over the phone or face to face to form an action plan to replace behaviors that result in poor health with behaviors more likely to improve health. </p><p>The counselor directs the employee to local and national resources to support the action plan. The Healthy Changes counselor then follows up with the participant to ensure he or she sticks with the plan.<br /><br />HRI Managing Director Edward Trieber, Ph.D., said Healthy Changes will have a positive influence on the workforce nationwide.</p><p>&ldquo;Healthy Changes is a great way to promote health and wellness within an organization,&quot; he said. &quot;It helps people think differently about the choices they make every day and helps them see that leading a healthier life will contribute to a more-satisfied life. More-satisfied employees are more productive employees.&rdquo;<br /><br />Supplementary components to the program include a smoking cessation program, Time to Quit toolkit, weight management program and MyCoach Telephonic Health Coaching.</p>

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