Hackett Launches Performance Study in Learning and Development

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<strong>Atlanta and London &mdash; March 7</strong><br />A new performance study in learning and development from The Hackett Group, a global strategic advisory firm, is designed to help companies better understand how their learning and development initiatives compare with those of their peers and how they can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of efforts in this key area.<br /><br />Hackett&rsquo;s Learning and Development study is currently seeking new participants and will deliver results in June. Specifically focused on the costs and resources associated with design and delivery of programs, the study will provide an overall review of how learning and development efforts are distributed across several themes: new product learning; specific skills/technical training; sales learning; professional learning; and leadership and management learning.<br /><br />The study will capture and compare more than 40 different metrics, including training cost as a percentage of revenues; delivery cost breakdown per training theme; internal and external design and delivery usage; cost per training delivered per person trained; percentage of design cost to total cost; and percentage of delivery cost to total cost.<br /><br />Study participants will receive a report providing median results for typical companies and top performers. The study is open to all companies with revenues greater than $1 billion.  There is no cost to participate.<br /><br />&ldquo;Our previous research has clearly shown the value of strong talent management programs and how companies can use training to drive strategic advantage and real bottom-line improvements,&rdquo; said Hackett HR Practice Leader Stephen Joyce. &ldquo;The best CLOs understand that the true starting point for improving how their company trains staff and develops leaders is to quantify how things are currently being done and compare their performance to other leading companies. This new study, which is our first to focus solely on learning and development issues, is a fantastic opportunity for CLOs to better understand their operation and identify areas where improvements can make the biggest difference.&rdquo;<br /><br />Hackett&rsquo;s benchmark studies and research insight in HR, finance, IT, procurement and other areas set the standard for companies seeking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their back-office operations. Hackett&rsquo;s 2007 Talent Management Book of Numbers research series found that by excelling in talent management, the typical Global 1000 company can generate a nearly 15 percent improvement in earnings before interest, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA), netting almost $462 million annually.  Hackett&rsquo;s research demonstrated the bottom-line impact of more effectively managing human assets and provides strong evidence to executives, investors and HR leadership of the value of developing intangible assets such as a company&rsquo;s workforce. <br />

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