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<p><strong>Orlando, Fla. &mdash; July 16</strong><br />Can a successful career coexist with quality family time and a fulfilling personal life? </p><p>Many working professionals would say &ldquo;No&rdquo; and as a result, they spend less time than they would like with their families so that their careers flourish. </p><p>Although not desirable, this is perceived as acceptable to many working Americans.<br /><br />Guerrilla marketing expert and author Jay Conrad Levinson says this notion is out of date. </p><p>In his book &quot;Guerilla Entrepreneur,&quot; Levinson provides readers with new business tools that have been adapted to work in the 21st century.<br /><br />Levinson says guerrillas are passionate about their work but are not workaholics, as their predecessors were. </p><p>They can spend more time doing the things they enjoy outside of work while still making a profit. </p><p>By following &quot;the way of the guerrilla,&quot; new and seasoned entrepreneurs will discover that achieving and maintaining a professionally and personally balanced life is the way to achieve emotional and financial success. </p><p>&ldquo;Guerrilla marketing did not exist for your parents or for your grandparents because the path has only recently been blazed,&rdquo; Levinson said. &ldquo;Blending the cream of the 20th century into the elixir of the 21st will not require that you leave every one of your business practices behind &mdash; only the things I&rsquo;ve discovered won&rsquo;t work for you.&rdquo;<br /><br />In his book, Levinson discusses:<br /></p><ul><li>How to structure your work and your time to achieve your goals.</li><li>Why giving back to the community improves the planet, as well as your business profile.</li><li>How psychology can help make your dreams come true.</li></ul><p><br />Levinson is considered the father of guerrilla marketing. </p><p>He is the author of the marketing series &quot;Guerrilla Marketing,&quot; plus 30 other books. </p><p>He is the chairman of Guerrilla Marketing International, a marketing partner of Adobe and Apple, and he has served on the Microsoft Small Business Council.&nbsp; </p><p>Levinson taught guerrilla marketing for 10 years at the extension division of the University of California, Berkeley.</p><p> He practiced it in the United States as senior vice president at J. Walter Thompson and in Europe as creative director and board member at Leo Burnett Advertising. </p>

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