Growing Number of iCIMS Clients Adopt iRecruiter for On-Boarding Programs

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<strong>Hazlet, N.J. &mdash; March 10</strong><br />iCIMS, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider of business platforms, announced a growing number of clients are leveraging the iRecruiter talent platform to power their on-boarding programs. The inherent scalability of the iRecruiter platform enables clients to manage not only on-boarding, but also workforce planning, applicant tracking, screening, assessments, performance management and succession planning initiatives all within one Web-based application.<br /><br />Recognizing the importance of delivering a strong candidate experience past recruitment, many iCIMS clients are using existing iRecruiter platforms to bridge the pre- and post-hire worlds of talent management. iRecruiter allows organizations to seamlessly power a gateway for new hires to start building effective professional relationships and become acclimated to their new work environments quickly and easily. The inherent flexibility of the iRecruiter Talent Platform allows iCIMS to deliver fully configurable on-boarding functionality, unique to each client&rsquo;s needs, through the one core application. As a talent platform, iRecruiter enables clients to streamline their pre- and post-hire talent management programs without purchasing and implementing costly additional modules or stand-alone systems. <br /><br />Many iCIMS clients, including FedEx, Selective Insurance and ACCO, have realized the value of using iRecruiter to power their on-boarding programs. Managing post-hire workflow, streamlining on-boarding notifications and transferring recruitment data into payroll and HRIS technologies are just some of the ways these clients and others are on-boarding with iRecruiter. <br /><br />Clients are also adopting iRecruiter&rsquo;s iForms engine to automate their on-boarding paperwork; converting such documents as the W-4, I-9, Direct Deposit, on-boarding checklists and more into electronic offerings that may be collected, edited, routed and stored directly within iRecruiter. Clients can then push this new-hire data into an existing HRIS, ERP or payroll solution or move data into iRecruiter from third-party systems, including Oracle, Prism, Ceridian, Peoplesoft, Lawson and many more. Notifications also are easily created and maintained within iRecruiter to keep all parties informed throughout the on-boarding process. <br /><br />&ldquo;Seeing more and more iCIMS clients use iRecruiter for on-boarding further illustrates how easily customers can scale their platform to grow with their unique talent management needs,&rdquo; said Colin Day, president and CEO of iCIMS. &ldquo;Our Customer Support Team is committed to identifying the unique business challenges that each customer faces, and then configuring iRecruiter to best support those needs. We look forward to helping more clients expand their iRecruiter footprint, not only with on-boarding, but also into the areas of performance management, succession planning and beyond.&rdquo; <br />

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