Green Calculator Measures IT Carbon Footprint Reductions

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Bloomfield Hills, Mich. — April 21
Logicalis, an international leader in high-performance technology solutions, is helping clients go green by making it easy to calculate and reduce their carbon footprints through server and storage consolidation and virtualization. Logicalis' Green IT Calculator allows businesses to compare and analyze various infrastructure elements and their impact on the environment.

The virtualization of servers and storage is helping companies to reduce administration while positively impacting the planet and the company's bottom line with savings on maintenance, power and cooling.

Based on the Logicalis Green IT Calculator, if a firm with 20 servers consolidated to five virtualized blades, its cost of energy would be reduced from $8,803 to $119 annually. This consolidation and virtualization would reduce carbon emissions by 98 percent, save $8,684 and approximately 158 trees.

“The good news is that what is good for an organization in terms of enhancing utilization of IT assets and lowering the total cost of a data center is also good for the environment,” said Eric Linxweiler, senior vice president of Solution Services at Logicalis. “This calculator is a quick and easy way of quantifying the financial and environmental benefits.”

To find out how companies can reduce their IT budgets and save a few trees, check out the Green IT Calculator at

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