Great West Purchases Enterprise License

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<p><strong>Paramus, N.J. &mdash; Dec. 10</strong><br />Knowtions Inc. announced that Great West Life and Annuity Insurance Company has selected CoachWare, Knowtions&#39; employee performance support software, for its retirement service clients and employees.<br /><br />CoachWare will deliver real-time, step-by-step work instructions to support Great West&rsquo;s retirement plan sponsors and employees in their execution of a wide range of processes and procedures. Great West will transition existing documentation and best practices to the CoachWare platform to develop customized help and training. The learning content will work in context with retirement plan record-keeping applications and will allow Great West&rsquo;s self-service users to access the specific information they need, when they need it, 24×7. Making CoachWare available to plan sponsors as well as employees will make it easier for them to complete tasks without having to rely on help desk support.<br /><br />Miles Edwards, senior vice president of operations for Great West, has been looking for a way to guide plan sponsors in their use of Web-enabled administrative tools. “We believe CoachWare will provide critical support in our ongoing commitment to deliver outstanding quality service to our clients,” Edwards said. “It will also strengthen our transaction processing and retirement plan administration work by empowering our associates with institutional, client-specific and regulatory knowledge within the normal workflow. CoachWare will help us to complete the complex and detail-oriented tasks supporting retirement services clients efficiently and accurately.”<br /><br />”We are proud to have been selected by Great West,” said Karl Rauch, CEO of Knowtions. &ldquo;CoachWare was specifically designed to support complex businesses and reduce the risks associated with user error. The complexities of retirement plan services make it a perfect application for CoachWare.” </p>

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