Gradepoint to Provide Enterprisewide Learning

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<strong>Detroit &mdash; Oct. 1</strong><br />Gradepoint Inc., an enterprise learning company based in Michigan, and Adayana Inc., a training and workforce development company based in Minnesota, will assist Bridgestone Firestone Retail and Commercial (BFRC) operations with its enterprise learning implementation.<br /><br />Gradepoint is providing a managed learning environment (MLE), its suite of learning products and services that will educate BFRC employees&#39; on the skills they need to succeed in their positions and to effectively manage customers&#39; expectations. <br /><br />BFRC anticipates that the MLE will increase retention rates, reduce warranty return and increase customer satisfaction.  <br /><br />The learning program will be made available to 2200 national BFRC locations late 2007. About 26,000 BFRC sales employees, technicians and management team will participate in the learning experience.<br /><br />”Gradepoint&#39;s early understanding of BFRC&#39;s needs to retain and increase employees&#39; skill levels helped us provide a solution that enables learning system wide.  This solution will ultimately help them achieve a corporatewide goal to ensure customers experience the same quality service throughout all retail locations,” said Robb Powell, Gradepoint president.<br /><br />Gradepoint&#39;s business performance services enable BFRC&#39;s management team to more effectively manage their locations training while providing an ongoing learning tool for technicians to acquire state and national certifications.<br /><br />”The technician training is vital to their skill development,” Powell said. “Training increases their skill level to more successfully service vehicles and consequently increase customer service and service bay efficiency. “We are happy to have provided BFRC with a robust solution that addresses the company&#39;s technician retention goals, customer service improvement and customer loyalty.”

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