Google Chrome Wins Full-On Support From Auslogics

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<strong>Sydney, Australia &mdash; Sept. 3</strong><br />Auslogics says it will fully support the new Web browser, Google Chrome, poised to become a powerful Internet Explorer rival.<br /><br />The users of Auslogics BoostSpeed may be the first to experience the full Google Chrome support. This computer performance optimization software will protect the privacy of Google Chrome users, as well as optimize the new browser speed, all by the end of September.<br /><br />According to Google, the new browser can add value for users while driving innovation on the Web. However, many believe that this is the company&#39;s next step toward dominating the Internet and that it will place Google directly against Microsoft.<br /><br />Auslogics believes Web applications have long outgrown browser technology, which has stood still for quite a few years. The company said it will provide full browser support and help make Google Chrome run as fast as possible.<br /><br />The current version of Auslogics BoostSpeed can remove history and other personal data from Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers and optimize their settings for maximum performance.<br /><br />The program can modify various network settings &mdash; for example, the number of simultaneous Web-browser connections to the Internet, so that the one-size-fit-all settings of the Web browser and Windows operating system are instead optimized for the specific hardware and Internet connection. The new version coming out in September will include support for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 and Safari for Windows, another Web browser with the growing number of users.<br /><br />Auslogics offers a free, fully functional 15-day trial version. A Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/XP/NT platform is required, 32-bit and 64-bit processors are supported.<br />

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