Go Beyond Studying: Absorbing Knowledge

It might not be intuitive for a newsletter titled “Study Guide” to downplay the significance of studying. After all, the “branding” of this particular medium suggests its bread and butter is helping readers study better. And that’s undeniably true — it does primarily exist to assist IT pros prepare for certification exams.

In the commonly understood meaning of the word, though, “studying” is a short-term effort. People study a particular subject through reading and research for the sake of some goal, usually to pass a test. After they’ve successfully completed the exam, they can just let the knowledge they’ve built up fall into the cerebral abyss. But they haven’t really learned anything if they do that.

For true career success, IT professionals need to build up and sustain their proficiency, both the technical and nontechnical varieties. Ultimately, we want techies to go beyond studying and really absorb the information they gain, so they can apply it in their work as easily as possible.

As you study, you should keep the following thoughts in mind to really take in the terms and concepts of a particular body of knowledge.

Less is More

You want to learn as much as possible, right? Not exactly. Studying voluminous amounts of information actually can interfere with learning, as the brain can handle only so much new data in a given time period.

For example, a study of American and German high school students showed that the mathematics…



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