GlobalEnglish to Provide English Training for 3M

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<p><strong>Brisbane, Calif. &mdash; July 25</strong><br />GlobalEnglish Corp., an online English learning and support service provider for business communication, has announced that 3M has signed a multiyear contract after a successful pilot. </p><p>3M will use the GlobalEnglish Corporate Learning Service to teach English to employees in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.<br /><br />3M initiated a pilot of the GlobalEnglish Corporate Learning Service in August 2006 with 65 employees in nine countries. </p><p>After just three months, 3M was able to measure significant improvement in business communication skills among the users. </p><p>In fact, 94 percent of the pilot users said they had already applied what they learned to the job, and 96 percent said they would recommend GlobalEnglish to a colleague.<br /><br />&quot;We were pleased with the outcome of the pilot program with GlobalEnglish,&quot; said Nina Ylagan-Pedro, Asia Pacific Center of Expertise leader, 3M global talent and organization development. &quot;We believe they will help us meet the needs of our employees in this market.&quot;<br /><br />3M had conducted English training through a combination of classroom providers. </p><p>The company found, however, that these traditional methods were not adequate for the demands of the fast-moving organization &mdash; according to the company, classroom training was too expensive and required too much time away from the job for learners. </p><p>Moreover, management was not able to measure the results of the program or the return on the company&#39;s investment.<br /><br />&quot;3M is one of the most innovative and exciting companies in the world because of its ability to apply new technologies to better serve its clients,&quot; said Deepak Desai, GlobalEnglish Corp. president and CEO. &quot;With its success and growth in new markets, however, there have been new communication challenges. GlobalEnglish will help 3M stay on track by ensuring that its employees have the opportunity to contribute effectively across the global organization.&quot; </p>

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