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<p><strong>Brisbane, Calif. &mdash; Nov. 12 </strong><br />GlobalEnglish Corporation, a provider of on-demand business English communication learning and support for companies around the world, announced a major new version of its globally recognized enterprise software. GlobalEnglish Corporate Learning Service&trade; (CLS) 4.0 builds upon the company&rsquo;s global, on-demand, Web-based solution to add a broad range of on-the-job performance-support tools.<br /><br />The new features can instantly increase employee performance by providing real-time support on the appropriate use of English for everyday business communication. These performance-support tools are designed to improve daily productivity and include the Writing Center with e-mail templates and text-to-speech with accent support; the Vocabulary Center with industry-specific word lists and business culture notes; and the Listening Center with various accents, dialects and geographical names. Employees can access the tools through the GlobalEnglish service or directly from their Internet browser via the GlobalEnglish Productivity Toolbar&trade;, making it easy to get support when they need it most. <br /><br />&ldquo;Performance support is a critical component of corporate learning,&rdquo; said Cushing Anderson, vice president, learning services research at IDC. &ldquo;Tools and content that support a blended, just-in-time delivery are more effective at improving performance, and corporations are integrating these types of solutions into their programs more and more.&rdquo;<br /><br />The English skills gap is one of the largest problems in creating a skilled global workforce for the 21st century. <br /><br />&bull;    McKinsey reports that only 13 percent of university graduates in low-wage countries are suitable for employment by multinational corporations &mdash; with the No. 1 reason being lack of English skills.<br />&bull;    A GlobalEnglish global workforce survey showed 91 percent of respondents saying English is critical for career success, but only 9 percent said their current English skills are sufficient for their jobs.<br /><br />&ldquo;We serve many of the most successful global companies in the world,&rdquo; said Deepak Desai, president and CEO of GlobalEnglish Corporation. &ldquo;As they focus on access to new markets, innovation, speed, productivity and improved customer service across the globe, improving the English skills of a global workforce has reached mission-critical status throughout the executive team, including the CEO, CHRO and CIO. GlobalEnglish has always been the gold standard for delivering enterprisewide English skill development through core learning systems, and now we&rsquo;ve further defined the category with CLS 4.0&rsquo;s superior job-performance support.&rdquo; <br /><br />PPG Industries is using GlobalEnglish CLS 4.0 to help employees worldwide improve their business English communication skills. PPG ran a pilot program in late 2006 and, after just two months, measured significant improvement in business communication skills among users. In fact, all found the skills they were developing with the GlobalEnglish service to be relevant to their jobs and 92 percent said they would recommend GlobalEnglish to a colleague.<br /><br />&ldquo;We were pleased with the outcome of the pilot program, and GlobalEnglish is now part of our ongoing training strategy,&rdquo; said Debra Simeone, PPG manager of blended learning. &ldquo;Because the best way to learn a language is through situational intervention, the rich new performance-support features of GlobalEnglish CLS 4.0 enable our trainees to even further increase their personal learning and PPG&rsquo;s overall program results.&rdquo;<br /><br />All CLS 4.0 features are immediately available to new and existing customers through the GlobalEnglish on-demand hosted service. </p>

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