Talent: Knocking Down U.S. Boardroom Doors

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<p><strong>St. Petersburg, Fla. &mdash; July 16</strong><br />The Employer Services segment of First Advantage Corp. is highlighting the recruiting industry&rsquo;s most pressing issue by sponsoring the Aberdeen Group report, &ldquo;The Global War for Talent: Getting What You Want Won&rsquo;t Be Easy.&rdquo;<br /><br />The Aberdeen report includes many important findings, including how best-in-class organizations use strategy, processes and technology to improve recruiting efficiencies and compete for the best talent.&nbsp; </p><p>As a provider of global talent acquisition-management solutions, First Advantage was selected as a sponsor by Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Co. and Boston-based research firm, to ensure the business community is better prepared to address global talent issues.<br /><br />The report examines how global enterprises are adopting and adapting talent acquisition strategies to overcome the shortage of skilled labor due, in large part, to changes in the demographic and geographic labor market.&nbsp; </p><p>In addition to providing insight into best-in-class companies, this report also recommends actions to improve recruiting efficiencies and compete in the global war for talent. </p><p>Report findings include:</p><ul><li>Companies that implement, integrate and communicate a talent-acquisition strategy are up to five times more likely to experience a decreased cost per hire.</li><li>Best-in-class organizations are only 20 percent more likely than their industry peers to measure quality of hire, but they are four times more likely to increase this critical metric.</li><li>Sixty percent of companies surveyed stated that &ldquo;future workforce planning&rdquo; was a top factor driving their company to focus resources on talent acquisition.</li><li>Best-in-class companies are more than twice as likely to have a talent-acquisition strategy that is integrated with the company&rsquo;s overall strategic plan.</li></ul><p><br />&quot;Findings from Aberdeen&rsquo;s report bring an ever-growing issue directly to the boardroom doors,&rdquo; said Kevin Martin, Aberdeen Group research director of human capital management. &ldquo;The report clearly exposes the elevating importance of strengthening a company&rsquo;s talent-acquisition strategy and integrating talent acquisition-management into the company&rsquo;s overall growth plan.&rdquo;<br /><br />David R. Wirta, First Advantage executive vice president of employer services, agrees.</p><p>&ldquo;The global economy and significant demographic changes are increasing the competition to attract, hire and retain top talent,&rdquo; he said. &ldquo;It was critically important for us to sponsor this research, which will help companies develop a talent acquisition-management process and discover the technologies, strategies and processes needed to ensure future success.&rdquo;</p>

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