Global “OpenDoor HRO” Initiative Help HRO Buyers

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<p><strong>Houston &mdash; April 11</strong><br />To help ensure better and faster contracting, results and ROI from HR Outsourcing (HRO) engagements, a nonexclusive working group made up of representatives from EquaTerra, ARINSO and SAP, has launched OpenDoor HRO, a global HRO standardization initiative.<br /><br />OpenDoor HRO offers a set of publicly available documents and templates, including illustrative Statements of Work, service level methodology and pricing unit structures and approach.&nbsp; </p><p>This industry-first set of standards for HRO transactions will assist both buyers and providers in the tendering process, accelerate ROI and better align current and future HRO projects.&nbsp; </p><p>Overall, the materials will enable more effective, efficient and mutually beneficial HRO engagements.<br /><br />&ldquo;We felt it was time for knowledgeable experts in the industry to provide a basic set of documents so that the HR and HR systems community could rapidly understand the basics of what is required in an HRO transaction,&rdquo; said Rudy Vandenberghe, ARINSO executive vice president. <br /><br />Gianni Giacomelli, SAP head of BPO strategy and marketing, agreed.</p><p>&ldquo;HRO clients must quickly identify those components of the HRO transaction that can be standardized by the provider through appropriate process/technology design so that they can access the strongest economies of scale,&quot; Giacomelli said. &quot;OpenDoor HRO is a significant step to facilitate that.&rdquo;<br /><br />Lowell Williams, EquaTerra executive director of HR advisory services, also agreed.</p><p>&ldquo;The documentation and insights provided by OpenDoor HRO will also provide a basis for customization for individual clients and lead to much faster and performant HRO transactions from which all parties can benefit,&quot; Williams said. </p><p>Because of the importance of OpenDoor HRO and the value it will deliver to the marketplace, the working group is completely open to entering into discussions with other leading HRO organizations interested in participating in the initiative.<br /><br />New material, including articles, white papers and research, will be added on a regular basis by working group members to the OpenDoor HRO Web site.</p><p>The working group also welcomes contributions from other industry participants in the spirit of further developing the HRO industry.&nbsp; </p><p>Comments on posted materials and requests for further information should be directed to the Web site administrator, who will direct queries to the appropriate working group representative or representatives.&nbsp; </p><p>Site registrants will not be contacted by any OpenDoor HRO representative unless they specifically request follow-up.</p>

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