New Wireshark Training Courses Presented

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<p><strong>Cary, N.C. &ndash; Sept. 24</strong><br />Global Knowledge, a provider of IT and business training, announced the availability of two training courses on Wireshark, the widely deployed open-source network/protocol analysis tool. </p><p>Global Knowledge is the exclusive third-party training provider in the U.S. for Wireshark University, the authorized Wireshark training and certification organization formed in cooperation with Gerald Combs, creator of Wireshark.<br /><br />In these skills-building, authorized Wireshark University courses, students will learn to use Wireshark to analyze network traffic and troubleshoot and secure TCP/IP networks while preparing for the Wireshark Certification Exam. Both courses emphasize hands-on lab exercises and real-world case studies, allowing students to gain skills they can use immediately following class.<br /><br />In Analyzing TCP/IP Networks with Wireshark, students will discover effective Wireshark operations and packet-level TCP/IP communications by examining network performance, focusing on normal and abnormal communication patterns of the TCP/IP suite and most common applications &mdash; including DHCP, DNS, FTP, Telnet, HTTP, POP and SMTP. <br /><br />In the follow-on course, Troubleshooting and Securing TCP/IP Networks with Wireshark, students will further develop their Wireshark network traffic analysis skills, and they&rsquo;ll take the Wireshark Certification Exam on the last day of class. <br /><br />Students will learn about:<br /></p><ul><li>Configuring Wireshark for best performance, nonintrusive analysis and effective network troubleshooting.</li><li>Placing the analyzer properly for traffic capture and analysis on a variety of network types.</li><li>Identifying and locating network performance problems and breaches.</li><li>Analyzing reconnaissance processes to identify possible targets.</li><li>Differentiating traffic from spoofed and non-spoofed host addresses.</li><li>Creating firewall Access Control List rules based on suspicious traffic.</li></ul><br />Our Wireshark training courses are available in our classrooms and as private, on-site courses that can be tailored to the needs of your organization. <br /><br />For more information, see <br />

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