Global Furniture Network and Relocation Services Support International Assignments

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<strong>Fairfax, Va. &mdash; March 31</strong><br />With the increasing number of temporary international relocations for the globally mobile workforce and the shift from long-term to more short-term assignments, many international companies are tapping CORT&rsquo;s global furniture network and wide range of rental relocation services in the United States to ease the stress for employees and families in transition while saving money with rental relocation solutions.<br /> <br />Companies responding to growing business opportunities rely on international relocations to deploy talent and expertise, driving the growing trend for shorter-term assignments in the new workforce shaped by the global economy. International companies with a global workforce have embraced creative solutions and flexible policies to tailor support for employees and families, including rental services. Today, most international assignments are six to 18 months.<br /><br />For more than 35 years, CORT has provided furniture in the &ldquo;rent-to-rent&rdquo; industry. CORT, a Berkshire Hathaway company, has a global network of furniture rental partners in 50 countries and established operations in the United Kingdom earlier this year with Roomservice by CORT to provide furniture rental services to international corporations as an alternative to moving household goods.<br /><br />For international assignments to the United States, which remains the top destination for such assignments, CORT has the nation&rsquo;s most comprehensive range of rental relocation services. CORT&rsquo;s rental relocation services include hotels, apartments, corporate housing, single-family home rentals, destination touring services, utility services, renter&rsquo;s insurance, car rental, job search assistance for spouses and much more. CORT relocation consultants can assist with virtually any services needed to help employees and their families begin living in new communities.<br /><br />&ldquo;The most prevalent reason for failed international assignment is the difficulty for employees and families to adjust to their new locations. Companies choose to work with CORT for furniture rental and rental relocation support because they know their employees will quickly find a suitable place to live and will get settled into their community faster,&rdquo; said Mark Koepsell, CORT&rsquo;s senior vice president of new business development. &ldquo;That means employees are ready to focus on work from their first day on the job.&rdquo; <br /> <br />CORT has access to more than 70,000 hotel and extended-stay units and more than 15,000 corporate housing units. CORT also has access to more than 3.8 million apartments across the nation through its service, an online apartment search Web site. <br /><br /><strong>Touring Services Ease Transitions</strong><br />In addition to help finding a home or apartment, one of CORT&rsquo;s most rapidly growing rental relocation services is local-market tours offered virtually everywhere in the nation. In fact, CORT&rsquo;s touring and settling-in services have supported employees for more than 450 companies.<br /> <br />Relocating for professional reasons, such as starting a new job or traveling for a temporary assignment to help with a project, is often a difficult experience for employees and their families, especially when adapting to new cultural nuances. Local area tours help relocating professionals become familiar with their new communities, including assistance choosing ideal locations for homes and apartments from a local market expert.<br /> <br />&ldquo;Imagine having to quickly choose the ideal location for an apartment or house in an unfamiliar city or state. Employees want a location that provides a manageable commute to work and is conveniently located near schools, shopping, recreation and other amenities to accommodate a wide array of needs,&rdquo; said Jon Hile, CORT&rsquo;s vice president of rental relocation services. &ldquo;Without guidance, this is a daunting task for employees and families. Companies and employees are tapping into CORT&rsquo;s network of touring experts for in-depth advice and community information from a local-market resident&rsquo;s perspective.&rdquo;<br /> <br />Employees on the move, and the relocation and human resource professionals who support them, are quickly discovering the value of having CORT&rsquo;s certified local market experts introduce employees to new communities with half- or full-day tours, including help in choosing apartment communities.<br /> <br />In addition to area tours, CORT&rsquo;s destination services include settling-in neighborhood orientation services such as school and church information and assistance obtaining a driver&rsquo;s license and other documentation for international transferees. <br />

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