Giunti Labs Expands into Germany

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<strong>Milton Keynes, England &mdash; June 6</strong><br />Giunti Labs, a European vendor of e-learning and mobile learning content management solutions (LCMSs), has expanded its international presence even further by establishing an office in Frankfurt, Germany, and specifically targeting the German-speaking markets for learning content management systems.<br /><br />In addition, Giunti Labs has launched a German version of its learn eXact LCMS platform, as well as launching the Giunti Labs&#39; German Web site.<br /><br />&quot;Public organizations, higher-education institutions and privately held companies in the German market are now implementing human capital-development strategies, and this is involving learning content production, dissemination and management,&quot; Fabrizio Cardinali, Giunti Labs CEO, said. &quot;Our learn eXact LCMS Suite is the world&#39;s leading e-learning and mobile learning content management technology.<br /><br />&quot;It is installed in more than 100 university, corporate and industry e-learning content production centers. Our international clients include big multinational companies such as Scania, Thales and Ericsson.&quot;<br /><br />Rolf Hartmann, Giunti Labs&#39; Manager for Germany, agrees.<br /><br />&quot;Because the German economy has been experiencing stable and continuous growth, organizations are now willing to invest money in their human capital to increase competencies and develop knowledge management facilities,&quot; Hartmann said. &quot;This includes the use of e-learning software tools and platforms, the development of customised content and state-of-the-art distribution of that content to PCs, laptops and mobile devices as printable versions of the content in PDF format and Word documents.<br /><br />&quot;Products and services provided by Giunti Labs support the single-source concept of one central knowledge repository for developing, maintaining, managing and delivering localized content to employees and customers. That single source is adapted to learners&#39; personal profiles and to the local technical infrastructure &mdash; incurring fewer costs yet providing higher value.&quot;

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