Giunti Labs Demonstrates Advances in Learning

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At this year&rsquo;s Learning Technologies exhibition, Giunti Labs is unveiling the initial results of its continuing collaboration on location-based mobile learning with world-leading technology companies Cisco and Ericsson.<br /><br />Giunti Labs, which has been collaborating globally with Cisco and Ericsson on location based mobile learning for some time, is using the Learning Technologies show, being held at Olympia on Jan. 30-31, to reveal how to add mobile and location-based learning content management to an e-learning platform and infrastructure. <br /><br />According to Angus Turpin, managing director of Giunti Labs U.K. Ltd &mdash; a wholly owned subsidiary of the Giunti Editore Group, established at the beginning of January &mdash; the presentation outlines the main advances that Giunti Labs has made in addressing &ldquo;new generation&rdquo; mobile and location-based learning requirements within a number of global organizations in the academic, corporate and industrial sectors. <br /><br />Cisco and Giunti Labs will focus on how mobile learning can assist with the Web personalization transition and the business, educational and social implications of this. The presentation will examine new needs, threats, challenges and opportunities for greater personalization of learning, adding just-in-time delivery to today&#39;s educational and training scenarios. <br /><br />Finally, David Wortley, the director of the Coventry-based Serious Games Institute (SGI), will show a case study of a groundbreaking integrated solution that blends location-based mobile learning and virtual learning worlds technologies using Giunti Labs&rsquo; learn eXact LCMS suite. <br /><br />Turpin added that: &ldquo;Establishing Giunti Labs UK Ltd. on Jan. 7 follows a highly successful year of trading in the U.K. in 2007, which was our first full year with a dedicated, U.K.-based staff. <br /><br />&ldquo;In addition, we developed the product lines, technologies and consultancy services which we are now offering to the market. In line with this change and our expanding client base, we are expanding our U.K.-based resources, including adding new members to our U.K.-based team.<br /><br />&ldquo;Giunti Labs is collaborating with leading organizations such as Cisco to enable its products to become the &lsquo;gatekeepers of information,&rsquo; disseminating information around clients&rsquo; networks &mdash; basically, &lsquo;joining up the dots&rsquo; in technology terms,&rdquo; he continued. &ldquo;We feel the key to our clients&rsquo; success and continuing competitive advantage is to provide interoperability, bridging existing gaps to enable efficient and effective knowledge management, which demonstrates its worth via bottom line business improvement.&rdquo;<br /><br />Giunti Labs is focusing on developing and exploiting various technological advances in learning content management systems (LCMS).<br /><br />These advances include the application of corporate learning materials to virtual worlds and serious games, as well as the company&rsquo;s new eXact Method consultancy service that enables Giunti Labs&rsquo; clients around the world to maintain &mdash; and even increase &mdash; their competitive advantage. Moreover, Giunti Labs&rsquo; learn eXact LCMS meets the SCORM 2004 final edition specification, which is the de facto e-learning standard for interchanging learning content between compliant LMS and LCMS systems.<br /><br />&ldquo;Using Giunti Labs&#39; innovations at the core of your organization&#39;s knowledge management environment will allow you to manage standards based, flexible, interoperable and reusable third-generation learning content, to be delivered on different platforms and output peripherals,&rdquo; Turpin commented.<br /> <br />Giunti Labs is exhibiting &mdash; on stand 21 &mdash; at the Learning Technologies show. <br />

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