Giunti Labs’ CEO Outlines Scenarios at Summit

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<p><strong>Milton Keynes, England &mdash; May 8</strong><br />At the end of April, Reuters&#39; headquarters in Canary Wharf, London, was the scene for this year&#39;s Seriously Mobile Summit, a European mobile learning event. </p><p>Its theme was &quot;The Mobile Internet &mdash; Working in Real Time and Supporting Mobile Workforce Capability.&quot; </p><p>Among the keynote speakers at the summit was Fabrizio Cardinali, the newly elected co-chair of the European Learning Industry Group (ELIG) and CEO of Giunti Labs, a European vendor of e-learning and mobile learning content management solutions (LCMS).<br /><br />Cardinali discussed new formats developed by his company such as &quot;geolearning,&quot; narrowcasting, personal ambient learning media and virtual learning worlds, and he outlined some of the recent mobile learning projects involving Giunti Labs.<br /><br />He said Giunti Labs is working closely with key players such as Cisco Systems, Ericsson and Microsoft to shape the business availability of innovative mobile and virtual solutions for learning online while improving the media-based personalization of learning materials.</p><p>&quot;We are producing training and testing &#39;nuggets&#39; for many new personal devices, including BlackBerry mailers, Windows Mobile PCs, Symbian smartphones and Xybernaut wearable computers,&quot; Cardinali said. &quot;Location-based delivery is also added to increase the context awareness of streamed learning experiences.<br /><br />&quot;For leading publishers and service providers, we are developing scenarios where learners log on to a Web portal empowered by Giunti Labs&#39; learn eXact Lobster Digital Repository (DR), automatically versioning the more appropriate content and &#39;pull&#39;&nbsp; these nuggets to them. Alternatively, they can receive an e-mail or SMS-based notification to download the materials (a &#39;push&#39; approach).<br /><br />&quot;We call these nuggets &#39;LearnPills.&#39; They are used by ODAs (On-Deck Applications), which we call &#39;eXact Gloves&#39; (or General Learning Objects Viewing Environments). These are able to perform SCORM sequencing and tracking, thus taking care of all the LMS/VLE intercommunication, sending data from the eXact Lobster DR to any third-party LMS or VLE.&quot;<br /><br />Giunti Labs also is working with Microsoft Mappoint technology on &quot;GeoPills,&quot; adding location-based information to this content management technology to provide just-in-time location-based learning, which can, for example, teach someone what to do to cope with an emergency in an industrial or risk management situation.<br /><br />&quot;We&#39;re also starting to blend GeoPills with virtual reality to offer remote coaching,&quot; Cardinali said. &quot;The learner is at a location, equipped with GPS. The coach is remote but can interact with the learner via a virtual world which faithfully reproduces the actual location. This technology already exists. What is beginning to develop is the vision to apply virtual reality (VR) technology to mobile learning.&quot;</p>

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