Gigatribe Wins Trender Award For Free File-Sharing Community

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Suresnes, France — March 11
GigaTribe announced today that it has won the Trender Awards Best of 2009 for Best Photo Product/Service. GigaTribe won for its free, community-based file-sharing software that lets users easily share unlimited amounts of photos, videos, music and other files with their “tribe” of friends, family and co-workers, quickly and securely in a private, fully encrypted peer-to-peer environment.

The Trender Awards honor gadgets and services that are not only novel and technologically advanced, but also improve people’s lives in some way and have appeal to everyday folks. Brian Mahony of Trender Research said, “Taking lots of digital photos is no problem for people, but sharing large folders of photos/videos with friends and family with little effort was a bit tricky, until now. GigaTribe is the best option if you want to set up a highly secure network to safely share large files directly from your hard drive without size limitations.”

Trender Research looked beyond products and services that would only appeal to tech-savvy consumers and early adopters. They looked at factors such as price, ease of installation/use, customer support, understandability, branding, appeal to a wide demographic set and accessibility of channels. Almost 100 tech products and services were considered and awards were given for tech categories, including video, audio, photo, security, robotics, HDTVs, communications, mobile, GPS and accessories.
“It is our view that these products have a good chance of becoming mainstream, have already been embraced by everyday consumers or have what it takes to be adopted by customers in their intended target markets,” said Mahony, who serves as CEO.

“We are honored to have been selected for Trender Awards for our ground-breaking peer to peer file sharing community,” said Stéphane Herry, CEO of GigaTribe. “With over 1 million users in the U.S. and Europe, GigaTribe is becoming the de-facto standard for sharing photos, music, video and other files with your friends and family.”

GigaTribe lets users set up communities of friends, family and co-workers. Completely secure, users choose friends or coworkers to invite into their community. Friends can then access the user’s shared files: photos, videos, music, personal documents and more. Community members can invite others, and communities grow as each new user offers their own files for sharing to others. There are no files to upload, no size limitations, and all transfers are encrypted so file sharing is fully secure. Users can share individual files or entire folders, and file transfers can be resumed if a user goes off-line.

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