Gibson Guitar Partners with SINO-CES in China

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<p><strong>Qing Dao, China &mdash; July 2</strong><br />Gibson Guitar, a musical instrument manufacturer and provider of music technology, has announced its participation in the SINO-CES show July 6-9 in Qingdao, China. </p><p>The consumer electronics show takes place in the Qingdao International Convention Center and is one of China&#39;s most important consumer electronics exhibition. </p><p>Gibson Guitar will exhibit the HD.6X Pro digital guitar system and Wurlitzer Jukeboxes, including the &quot;One More Time&quot; jukebox.</p><p>Gibson Guitar also will exhibit many of its famous guitars and showcase Baldwin pianos.<br /><br />SINO-CES offers companies the opportunity to garner global exposure for their products, new technologies and events. </p><p>Gibson Guitar also will provide musical entertainment on the official Gibson Guitar stage. Shanghai&#39;s popular JR Band will perform live jazz on the stage in the main square outside the front entrance of the convention center. </p><p>Gibson and the JR Band also will participate in the Digital Baby Model contest, which awards modeling contracts to participants who are awarded by Chinese manufacturers of digital products. &nbsp;<br /><br />Gibson&#39;s first manufacturing plant is in Qing Dao, China, and it produces a variety of acoustic and electric models for Gibson&#39;s Epiphone brand.&nbsp; </p><p>The company continues to strengthen investment in manufacturing, product technology and market development in China.&nbsp; </p><p>Gibson Guitar, parent company of Baldwin Piano, recently formed a joint venture with domestic partners Zhongshan city government and Yue Hua Music Ltd.</p><p>The partnership formed a company called Baldwin Zhongshan China and gave the company majority ownership in the piano manufacturing facility in China.</p>

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