Getting Past a Poor Performance Review

You never want to hear that you’re doing a worse job than you thought you were, especially if the person delivering the bad news is your boss. If your IT career has consisted primarily of exemplary performance reviews, you may not know how to react when you receive a less-than-stellar assessment.

Keep in mind that how you respond to a subpar evaluation is of tremendous importance. In fact, your actions afterward can mean the difference between rebounding from this setback and repeating the mistakes that led to the poor appraisal.

Here is some advice that can help you move past a bad review.

Take a deep breath. Upon receiving an underwhelming performance review, it’s easy to become defensive and focus on the reasons you think your manager’s assessment is wrong. Instead of trying to argue against what you consider to be invalid criticism, take a moment to think about what your boss has said and how valid his or her concern is. Viewed objectively, you may see that your manager’s criticism is warranted. For example, you may think missed deadlines related to a recent website refresh project were beyond your control. But could the issue have been avoided if you had been more proactive about following up with other team members or alerted your boss in advance to issues that jeopardized the due dates?

Respond with facts. If you don’t think you deserve the feedback you received, it’s best to respond with facts instead of emotions. Get specific…



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