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Oracle has announced a new tool from Oracle University, the Oracle University Online Library. This new tool will provide students attending Oracle classroom training with free, unlimited access to more than 900 hours of curriculum. And for candidates who are not attending classroom training, there are subscription options that will enable access to this valuable resource as well.




As most readers surely know, Oracle University provides learning services as well as the popular Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certification program. According to Liz Wiseman, vice president, Oracle University, Oracle has primarily been focused on classroom education, but is now turning its focus to supplement and grow its online capabilities. She added that Oracle University is also growing its push on certification in two ways: by expanding the number of tracks that are available and by adding additional levels of certification (including the Oracle Certified Associate, or OCA, and the Oracle Certified Master, or OCM). 




Wiseman specifically noted the difficulty of the highest level of certification, the OCM. “I think we’ve got about 50 of these Oracle Certified Masters today, and that is really pushing the limits of certification, where we are bringing people in for a hands-on practicum,” she said. “They get to demonstrate their mastery-level knowledge of Oracle’s database technology right there with real live databases, machines, bringing them up, bringing them down, tuning them and really proving those mastery-level skills.”




Wiseman added that this is all part of a push to strengthen Oracle’s education efforts, and as part of that push, the company has introduced the Online Library. “There’s two real backbones of our education effort,” said Wiseman. “One is our classroom education, and the other is our certification program, and this online library strengthens both of those. We really think this is a great assistance for getting certified as well as just to get up to speed on any particular Oracle technology.”




With the Online Library, students, library members and Oracle partners can access about 900 hours of curriculum including unique specialty niche topics and 150 courses of expanded certification exam preparation. “We’ve picked our most relevant content, and we really looked at matching that up with our classroom education and with our certification tracks,” said Wiseman. “We’re making access to this online library available to every one of our customers who comes to class, so now your learning experience doesn’t end in the class.”




She added, “It’s not just random stuff. It’s tied to the class they took, and it’s tied to the certification path that they might want to pursue. So it allows them to take a class with us and then go in and drill down on a topic that maybe the instructor didn’t have time to cover—maybe it was just of interest to them but not to the other 10 students there—and it also puts all of the certification prep work that they do beyond that classroom learning right there, organized by product, organized by the class they just took.”




And you don’t necessarily have to attend a class through Oracle University to get access to this content. Certification candidates can also purchase access to the library, Wiseman said. “It’s priced individually for $280 for an annual subscription,” she explained. Not a bad price for 900 hours vendor-approved training content.




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