Get your head in the Cloud with new Cloud+ practice quizzes

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CompTIA's Cloud+ credential can get you on solid footing with the cloud.When it comes to technology buzzwords, “cloud” is among the hottest of the hot these days. Business already spend tens of billions of dollars on cloud computing technologies. Businesses are eager to hire IT pros who have solid cloud computing knowledge and skills. To keep up with the demand to authenticate a baseline set of skills with cloud technologies, CompTIA has a number of certifications available.

Foremost among these is the  Cloud+ exam, which requires passing exam number CV0-001. Over the next few months, we will look at the domains and topics associated with this exam, but there is no better way to begin that examination than with some questions to test the knowledge you already have. Is y our head in the cloud, or do you need more exposure to that rarefied air?

I’ve prepared a list of 70 questions (and their answers) that are based on topics that appear on the CompTIA Cloud+ certification exam: 10 questions apiece for each of the seven Cloud+ knowledge domains. While not adhering to the rules for questions you would find on the actual exam, these questions cover all of the same topics.

The quiz questions will be posted serially, in blocks of 10, at GoCertify over the next several weeks. The first of those quizzes is available right now, and the others will soon follow. As I discuss the Cloud+ credential in future articles, you can refer to these quizzes to get a sense of how much of the information we discuss is sinking in.

It’s also worth noting that CompTIA isn’t the only organization that’s rushing to certify Cloud knowledge and skills. Almost exactly a year ago, Certification Magazine published the following list of cloud computing certifications (a list that has doubtless changed quite a bit since then). If you’re looking to give yourself a foundational (or advanced) understanding of cloud technology, then there’s lots of help out there.


Amazon Web Services (4)
AWS Certified Developer (Associate)
AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate)
AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional)
AWS Certitied SysOps Administrator (Associate)

Arcitura Education (9)
Cloud Certified Architect
Cloud Certified Professional
Cloud Certified Technology Professional
Cloud Certified Capacity Specialist
Cloud Certified Governance Specialist
Cloud Certified Security Specialist
Cloud Certified Storage Specialist
Cloud Certified Virtualization Specialist
Cloud Certified Trainer

CA Technologies (2)
CA AppLogic Certified Cloud Operator
CA AppLogic Certified Cloud Architect

Cloud Credential Council (7)
Cloud Technology Associate
Cloud Business Associate
Professional Cloud Administrator
Professional Cloud Developer
Professional Cloud Security Manager
Professional Cloud Service Manager
Professional Cloud Solutions Architect

Cloud Security Alliance (1)
Certification of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)

CompTIA (2)
CompTIA Cloud Essentials
CompTIA Cloud+

EMC (3)
EMC Cloud Architect Associate (EMCCIS): Infrastructure and Services
EMC Cloud Architect Expert (EMCCAe): IT-as-a-Service Planning and Design
EMC Cloud Architect Expert (EMCCAe): Virtualized Infrastructure Specialty

EXIN (2)
Exin Cloud Computing Foundation
Exin Cloud Technologies Advanced

HP (9)
HP Master ASE – Data Center and Cloud Architect
HP ASE – Cloud Integrator
HP ASE – Data Center and Cloud Architect
HP ATP – Cloud Administrator
HP ATP – Converged Infrastructure Administrator
HP ATP – Converged Infrastructure Integrator
HP ATP – Data Center and Cloud
HP ATA – Cloud
HP ATA – IT Architect

IBM (2)
IBM Certified Cloud Solution Advisor
IBM Certified Cloud Solution Architect

Learning Tree (4)
Certified System Center Cloud Specialist
Certified System Center Cloud Expert
Certified Amazon Cloud Specialist
Certified Cloud Security Specialist

Microsoft (1)
Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Private Cloud

Mirantis (2)
OpenStack Administrator Certification (Associate)
OpenStack Administrator Certification (Professional)

National Cloud Technologists Association (1)
Certified CloudMASTER

Oracle (5)
Oracle Certified Professional (OCP): Database Cloud Administrator
Oracle Certified Master (OCM): Database Cloud Administrator
Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service 2012 Certified Implementation Specialist
Oracle Cloud Application Foundation Certified Implementation Specialist
Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Implementation Specialist

Rackspace (2)
CloudU Certificate
Rackspace Certified Technician for OpenStack – Icehouse

Red Hat (3)
Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator
Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack
Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Hybrid Cloud Storage

Salesforce (7)
Certified Salesforce Administrator
Certified Salesforce Advanced Administrator
Certified Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant
Certified Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant
Certified Developer
Certified Advanced Developer
Certified Salesforce Technical Architect

Symantec (1)
Symantec Certified Professional (SCP) in Cloud Security

VMware (5)
VMware Certified Associate – Cloud
VMware Certified Professional – Cloud
VMware Advanced Professional – Cloud Infrastructure and Design
VMware Advanced Professional – Cloud Infrastructure Administration
VMware Certified Design Expert – Cloud

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Emmett Dulaney


Emmett Dulaney is a professor at a small university and the author of the CompTIA Network+ Exam Cram, CompTIA Security+ Study Guide and CompTIA Cloud+ LiveLessons.

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2 thoughts on “Get your head in the Cloud with new Cloud+ practice quizzes”

  1. I also question this one…
    Q: Which cloud services model is the most minimal, offering the consumer the capability to deploy applications but not manage or control the cloud infrastructure?

    A: it accepts Paas as correct, but I think Iaas is “most minimal” with the capability…

    But, I can see that one is a question of interpretation. I did email webmaster@geocertify to see if they care to fix errors in quizzes.

  2. I did discover an ERROR in the first quiz:
    Cloud+ Practice Quiz: CV0-001 Quiz 1

    Q: Which cloud delivery model is provisioned for use by a specific community with shared concerns?
    A: Community (correct) is flagged as wrong… the engine accepts Public (which is incorrect).

    Curiously, GoCertify seems to have no method to accept feedback or report errors in quizzes.

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