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These questions are based on 70-646: PRO: Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator
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Objective: Plan for server deployment.
Sub-objective: Plan server installations and upgrades.

Single answer, multiple-choice

You are a server administrator for your organization. Your organization has a main office in Sydney and a branch office in Melbourne. You have deployed Windows Server 2008 on all servers in both offices. You also used Server Manager to install BitLocker on a Windows Server 2008 server in the branch office to encrypt data that will be used by various applications.

Your organization wants you to manage the BitLocker encryption from the main office rather than traveling to the branch office. How can you enable this functionality?
A.    Run the ServerManagerCmd -install BitLocker command.
B.    Run the ServerManagerCmd -resultPath <result.xml> command.
C.    Run the ServerManagerCmd -install RSAT-BitLocker command.
D.    Run the Scwcmd command.
C. Run the ServerManagerCmd -install RSAT-BitLocker command.
You should run the ServerManagerCmd -install RSAT-BitLocker command to enable you to manage the BitLocker encryption from the main office. This command will install BitLocker-RemoteAdminTool that is required for BitLocker remote management. This tool contains the manage-bde.wsf script and the associated .ini file. The manage-bde.wsf script is a command-line utility that controls all aspects of BitLocker locally or remotely. You can install the remote management feature of BitLocker on any Windows Server 2008 server without enabling BitLocker on the management server.

You should not use the ServerManagerCmd -install…



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