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As an IT professional, your career rides on being in the right place at the right time with the right skills. Certification can give you the skills you need to further your career and contribute to the success of your organization, but it’s important to choose your certification program carefully.

EMC Proven Professional is a comprehensive training and certification program for the information storage and management industry. Since April 2004, when EMC restructured and relaunched the program, more than 4,500 customers, partners and EMC employees have boosted their skills and knowledge of the latest information storage and management technology.

Information storage and management is one of the fastest-growing segments of the IT market. IT professionals know that EMC has innovative solutions, fast growth and a great reputation in the industry. They also recognize that the knowledge they get via EMC Proven Professional translates directly into career acceleration—the ability to differentiate their skills in the marketplace and achieve top salaries.

Certification’s Bottom-Line Impact
If you’re thinking about certification, consider IDC’s recent report, “The Value of Quality Training in Sophisticated IT Environments,” by Cushing Anderson, which highlights the importance of quality training in sophisticated IT environments—both for individuals and the organizations they serve. The key findings point toward the power of certification in specialized storage skills:



  • “A skilled staff can reduce support calls by up to 40 percent, and those calls can be handled faster, with first-time resolution rates also increasing 40 percent.”
  • “More than 78 percent of companies see an improved speed and effectiveness from their implementations as a result of certifications. This effectiveness translates directly into increased ROI from their storage solution implementations.”
  • “In complex environments, well-trained staff can reduce unscheduled downtime by more than 40 percent and reduce the length of both scheduled and unscheduled outages by more than 50 percent.”


In addition to these bottom-line benefits, the report cites additional advantages of certification, from lower operational risk to a stronger competitive advantage. From the IDC report, it’s apparent that advanced certifications make a real difference to today’s organizations—and to IT professionals.

Success Where It Matters
Participating in a training and certification program is a big commitment. Is it worth the investment? EMC’s partners and customers think so. EMC Proven Professional uses the same compelling curriculum and exam validation that EMC uses to train its own internal technical personnel. The information is current, the training is complete, and students get all the advanced skills they need.

“Customers are looking for recognized skills in a market that can seem to be drowning in vendor-driven accreditations,” said Keith Clark, executive vice president of worldwide operations, MTI. “EMC Proven Professional provides an objective and credible yardstick that stands out as a true measure of competency. MTI is fully committed to this program and welcomes the rigor and overall quality of the process.”

Mike Malone, president of CTS Professional Services Inc., said “Our consultants are our business—their knowledge and expertise are what drives our success. The EMC Proven Professional program ensures that our professional services staff has access to training and certification in our newest, most innovative technologies. Through the EMC Proven Professional program, we benefit, and so do our customers.”

Flexible and Comprehensive
Whatever your job, EMC Proven Professional has a specialized track that enables you to stay current on all the latest EMC technology, validate your experience, expand your skill base, and gain more recognition and credibility. This comprehensive, multi-track, role-based certification program recognizes that every job has specific challenges and needs.

The program’s four tracks map to specific roles—storage administrator, technology architect, customer engineer and implementation engineer. To start, each participant must pass EMC’s Technology Foundations, which earns the Associate level. Participants then select from up to five different areas of specialization—including Storage Management, Networked Storage – SAN, Networked Storage – NAS, CLARiiON Solutions or Business Continuity. (See Figure 1.) Within each area of specialization, participants can earn their Specialist-level and Expert-level designations. Choose one or more specializations to accelerate your career.

Training for the Real World
No matter what track they choose, EMC Proven Professionals get engaging course content and expert training. EMC uses a blended learning model, which combines e-learning and instructor-led training, as well as rigorous exam validation. As part of the program, EMC also provides students with real-world, hands-on lab environments and a suite of self-assessment tools to help them validate their knowledge. These tools allow students to identify skills gaps, so they can select the best training for their needs and their environment.

Why Become a Proven Professional?
EMC Proven Professionals’ information storage and management skills are second to none. Here are some of the reasons thousands of IT professionals have chosen EMC Proven Professional:



  • Becoming an EMC Proven Professional tells the world that you are an expert in EMC’s industry-leading information storage and management technology.
  • It’s not easy to differentiate your skills and abilities in a crowded marketplace. Earning EMC certification shows that you are a technical leader able to successfully design, implement and manage EMC solutions for your organization.
  • You will join an elite crowd of professionals who are in demand in a growing marketplace.
  • Real-world scenarios, broad and deep content, and exceptional trainers ensure that you learn skills that matter.
  • New expertise can open the door to profitable new business models for your storage and information assets.
  • EMC Proven Professional lets you specialize in the roles and responsibilities that are right for you, and choose the appropriate level of certification.
  • Technology moves fast. With EMC Proven Professional, you can stay current on the latest information storage and management technologies.
  • EMC Global Education delivers all prerequisite learning via a blended model, providing a variety of ways to gain the skills necessary to pass the exams.
  • If you’ve invested in the best technology, it makes sense to invest in the people who design, implement and operate your solution.
  • With an understanding of how to deploy storage solutions strategically, partners can more rapidly meet customers’ changing demands.


EMC Proven Professional makes sense for IT professionals who want to learn more, grow professionally and succeed for years to come. And it makes sense for organizations that want to leverage the full power of information lifecycle management. If you want to get ahead, the time is now—get proven!

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Alok Shrivistava is the director of Technology Solutions Education for EMC Corp., and has more than 22 years of experience in the IT industry. He is responsible for aligning customer, partner and EMC employee training needs into the EMC Proven Professional program. You can reach him at shrivistava_alok at


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