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<p><strong>Columbia, S.C. &mdash; June 12</strong><br />HunterStone Inc., a provider of e-learning and IT tools for Microsoft environments, has announced a strategic agreement with GeoLearning that offers GeoLearning&rsquo;s customers a solution to rapidly deploy SCORM e-learning courses.<br /><br />Through the agreement, GeoLearning content creators now have access to purchase HunterStone&rsquo;s THESIS software to rapidly convert existing content to e-learning and develop e-learning objects using familiar Microsoft Office applications.&nbsp; </p><p>The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)-compliant learning modules can be stored, tagged and accessed on an as-needed basis from content libraries and launched and tracked in GeoLearning&rsquo;s GeoMaestro and GeoExpress Learning Management Platforms.<br /><br />&ldquo;Through this strategic agreement, HunterStone increases the distribution network of THESIS and gives GeoLearning customers the means to develop Web-based learning modules without the knowledge of the underlying rules of SCORM,&rdquo; said Neil Richards, HunterStone president and CEO. &ldquo;Now, any subject-matter expert, product manager, sales manager, customer service manager or anyone else using GeoLearning&rsquo;s Learning Management Platform can easily use THESIS to convert any Web-presentable content to SCORM or use familiar Microsoft Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel to create SCORM content.&rdquo;</p><p>Dr. Paul Schneider, GeoLearning product manager,&nbsp; agrees. </p><p>&ldquo;Many of our customers have a wealth of legacy training content, which they need to make available as courses to their training audiences,&rdquo; Schneider said. &ldquo;With THESIS they can, in a few simple steps, rapidly convert MS Office and noncompliant, Web-based content into SCORM-compliant e-learning courses that run and track in their GeoExpress and GeoMaestro LMS.&rdquo;<br /><br />HunterStone&#39;s THESIS product line provides plug-ins to Microsoft Office and converts any Web-presentable content into standards-based SCORM objects with a few simple mouse clicks. </p><p>Available in 12 languages, HunterStone&#39;s THESIS provides GeoLearning users worldwide with one e-learning solution to create, deliver and measure interactive learning over the Internet and intranets.</p>

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