Full-Featured PIM Includes E-Mail, Synchronization, Portability, Network Support

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Astonsoft Ltd. has released EssentialPIM v. 3.0, a Windows Personal Information Manager (PIM) that makes it easy to control your appointments, tasks, to-do lists, notes and contacts. With built-in e-mail support, EssentialPIM is an affordable replacement for Outlook. In addition, EssentialPIM offers portability, speed, an intuitive interface and the ability to synchronize all of your information with your Windows Mobile Smartphone, Palm OS device, iPOD, MS Outlook and Google Calendar.

EssentialPIM has all of the functionality that you would expect in a professional PIM. The Contact Manager offers fields for every business and home use, the ability to quickly add new fields, fast search and sort features, the ability to define contact groups and a fully customizable look and feel. Multiple hierarchical To-Do Lists let you create categories, track priorities, manage due-dates and reminders and customize your sort criteria.

The tree-like multilevel Outliner offers an unlimited number of folders and notes, with support for tables, pictures, formatted text, multiple tabs and cross-linking with any item in EssentialPIM. The Scheduler lets you color-code your calendars, filter categories and adjust the view and printout to meet your exact needs.

EssentialPIM has versatile import and export capabilities, secure advanced encryption, sticky notes on your desktop, storing or linking of attachments, powerful backup functions and the ability to send any item to e-mail. The interface can be set to more than 30 languages including English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

Synchronization modules, which are usually offered as add-ons with other high-end PIMs, are included with EssentialPIM. You can sync your EssentialPIM data with your Smartphone, PocketPC, iPOD, or Palm OS device. Ensure that your Google Calendar account is always in sync with EssentialPIM's calendar. You can even synchronize all of your EssentialPIM data with all versions of Microsoft Outlook.

The Network Edition supports multi-user access to EssentialPIM's database, allowing you to share data with everybody in the office or family. The Portable Edition lets you use EssentialPIM on any Windows PC. It is fully U3-compliant and works with a USB flash drive or compact flash card.

Whether you're an entrepreneur who needs a single place to store all of the important information for your business, an office manager who needs to provide employees with an intuitive interface and fast processing of data that they work with every day or a home user who wants a simple program to track appointments and key family info, EssentialPIM has the tools that you need.

To learn more, visit http://www.essentialpim.com.

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