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<p>Small and midsized employers now can create total compensation statements for all their employees easily and at no cost with the launch of, the first free, on-demand total compensation statement software. <p> is an advertising-supported, on-demand application that allows employers to produce high-impact, personalized total compensation statements that communicate to employees that there is more to their total compensation than direct pay. </p><p>&ldquo;With the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reporting that benefits make up 30 percent of total compensation, it&rsquo;s no longer a luxury to show employees the value of their benefits program and the impact it has on their total compensation &mdash; it&rsquo;s now a necessity,&rdquo; said Ray O&rsquo;Donnell, president of TotalRewards Software Inc., parent company of &ldquo;Promoting the value of total compensation results in improved employee morale, increased employee productivity and the retention of top employee talent. </p><p>&quot;Additionally, in this era of benefits cost-sharing, communicating a company&rsquo;s benefits investment can lead to less resistance by employees toward any current or future cost sharing arrangements.&rdquo; </p><p>A premium, advertisement-free subscription is also available. </p><p>It features featuring the ability to upload employee data via an Excel template, company branding through the Style Editor, additional cash compensation and benefit programs, as well as a free, multipage online total compensation statement (the enterprise edition). </p><p>Professional implementation and data management services are also available. The premium subscription starts at $50 a month per company. </p><p>As an on-demand application,, is available 24×7 from any location. All employers need to get started is an Internet connection and Web browser &mdash; there is no software to install or complicated updates to download. </p>

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