Founder of CareerBuilder Launch Resume Tracker

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<p><strong>McLean, Va. &mdash; Sept. 18</strong><br />Jobfox announces the Web&#39;s first personal-branding site that puts professionals and their dynamic online profiles at the fingertips of employers and corporate recruiters. </p><p>Jobfox is the first site to showcase already-employed candidates, providing talent-hungry companies with an innovative way to reach highly coveted “passive” job seekers.<br /><br />More than 500,000 professionals, in Jobfox test markets throughout the United States, inspired the candidate-centric career site created by Jobfox CEO Rob McGovern, who is also the former CEO and founder of CareerBuilder.<br /><br />With Jobfox, McGovern takes direct aim at the disappointing results and lack of innovation provided by traditional job boards.</p><p>According to a 2003 Corporate Executive Board report, for example, only 9.5 percent of new hires said they first learned about the opening from a job board.<br /><br />”Job board results are poor and, of the successes, it is only the most desperate job seekers &mdash; the unemployed &mdash; who are found on job boards,” McGovern said. “Companies want a site that attracts the most desirable rather than least desirable candidates. Jobfox provides a home for career achievers.”<br /><br />Professionals use Jobfox&#39;s free personal-branding page to showcase personal skills, talents, career aspirations and job-change receptiveness. </p><p>Completely reversing the model of the traditional job board, Jobfox employers are efficiently matched to only the candidates that meet a position&#39;s unique skills-based requirements &mdash; no more perusing through hundreds of off-target resumes.<br /><br />Jobfox also works to keep companies connected to prospective candidates. Through Jobfox Resume Tracker, a candidate&#39;s resume automatically sends a text message to the candidate&#39;s mobile phone, alerting them when the employer has viewed the resume. </p><p>With the Jobfox Tracking Center, candidates are provided with additional information on employer matches, how they rank in terms of job fit and the employers&#39; level of interest. </p><p>Finally, many Jobfox candidates opt to make their online instant messaging presence available to potential employers. This enables employers to get the conversation started with top candidates.</p>

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