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I’ve noticed that several of you have contributed to the discussions on our forums—your comments, insights and questions are much appreciated. I’ve been following one thread particularly closely, the “Threat watch” discussion in the Security community forum, where some of our readers have offered their thoughts on some of the most potent (though not necessarily the most hyped) dangers to end users. One of our readers suggested that spyware was the largest in terms of total volume, while another posited that cyber-espionage tactics from unfriendly players on the world stage posed the greatest threat. Not surprisingly, one contributor suggested that the greatest hazard to end users was…themselves (that is, their lack of education and comprehension of risks).


I’ve also observed that a few readers’ queries have gone unanswered thus far. For example, in the CRM & E-Commerce forum, “Ima_PDA” wants to know about good off-the-shelf, simple, user-friendly e-commerce products. Meanwhile, over at the Trainers discussion board, “netpro1” needs to get the lowdown on, a computer-based cert prep company, before taking the plunge. I implore you, our readers, to give these folks a hand if you’ve got any info on either of these topics. Conversely, if you’ve got any questions of your own, be sure to get them out there. Let’s get some mindshare going.

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