Foote Partners Identifies IT Jobs ‘In Play’

What qualities might make a particular IT job role a safe bet in what has been and will continue to be an unpredictable labor market? Based on the results of its 2006 IT Professional Salary and Skills Pay surveys, research firm Foote Partners has identified some vocations that offer job security.

In the past, Foote Partners used the term “hot” to characterize these occupations’ prospects but has opted for the term “in play” of late for semantic reasons, said David Foote, the organization’s CEO and chief research officer. “We decided that the way to describe a hot job is not to say ‘hot,’ because hot is like Paris Hilton now—what does that mean? So instead we call them in-demand or in-play jobs, meaning that as far as internal hiring is concerned, these are your best bets. They’re the most offshore- or outsource-proof. If you’re a manager or decision-maker, then these are the jobs where you’re going to have to adjust pay for the long haul and create career paths for.”

These professions can be divided into three broad categories. The first group is enabler jobs, which usually require high levels of both enterprise and technical knowledge, and often involves exposure to confidential organizational information. This collection would include IT architects, business analysts and project managers. “My favorite category would be an enabler job,” Foote said. “Enabler jobs are usually focused on IT business alignment and enablement, and keeping the business goals and technology in lockstep. Basically, you’re not…



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