Flexible Schedules Are Key to Satisfaction

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<strong>Shelton, Conn. &mdash; Jan. 15</strong><br />When it comes to keeping employees happy and productive, nothing tops flexible work arrangements, according to a new poll by LifeCare Inc., provider of comprehensive specialty care services and a longtime leader in the work/life industry. Nearly half of all workers responding to the online poll said flex arrangements/part-time work are most critical to working happily and productively for their current employer. <br /><br />The next closest response was health and wellness programs. Here are the full results of the poll, conducted throughout the month of December on LifeCare&#39;s private Web site among the employees of its 1,500 client organizations:<br /><br />What is the single most important program/benefit your employer could offer that would keep you working productively and happily as you get older?<br /><br /><ul><li>Flexible work schedule/part-time work &ndash; 49%</li><li>Health and wellness programs &ndash; 15%</li><li>New training/learning opportunities &ndash; 13%</li><li>Temporary assignments on a rotating basis &ndash; 5%</li><li>Retirement planning tools &ndash; 3%</li></ul><br />Another 15 percent cited other reasons (each response represented less than 1 percent), including access to fitness facilities and gym memberships, college tuition assistance, retiree benefits, relocation assistance and incentive programs.<br /><br />”Without question, work/life balance is a priority for workers today, and many of them are pointing to flex time as a solution,” said LifeCare CEO Peter G. Burki. “Naturally, flexible work schedules aren&#39;t a viable solution at some organizations due to the nature of their business. In these cases, employers would do well to consider offering the other items that employees cite &mdash; wellness programs and retirement planning tools, for instance. LifeCare&#39;s clients have access to a wide range of wellness and retirement planning resources &mdash; and these happen to be two areas that we&#39;ll be enhancing in 2008.”<br />

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