Five Reasons You Might Be Passed Over for a Promotion

The economy is slowly turning around, and that means companies will be looking to reward IT employees who have distinguished themselves during the downturn by offering them advancement opportunities. Have you positioned yourself for a possible promotion? Here are five reasons you might be passed over for a promotion, along with advice you can use to move up the career ladder at your current place of employment.

1.    Your boss doesn’t know you want a promotion. You might think your manager knows you’d like to advance — after all, you feel like you’ve been pretty obvious about your career aspirations — but it’s never safe to make that assumption. Signals you’ve sent about your ambition may have gone over his or her head or may not have been as clear as you thought they were. To make sure your supervisor is aware of your interest in advancing, schedule a time to sit down and talk about your long-term career goals. Be upfront and let your boss know you’d like to take on more responsibilities. Ask what qualifications and experience you need to assume a higher-level role, and work with your manager to develop a step-by-step plan for achieving your objectives.

2.    Your name isn’t widely known. If you’re a software engineer, sure, the other software engineers you work with on a daily basis probably know your name and what you bring to the table. But what about the people who aren’t on your team, especially executive management who may have…

Dave Willmer


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