First North American Bilingual MBTI Conference to Be Held in Ottawa

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Psychometrics Canada announced it will be hosting a bilingual, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Professional Development Conference, the first event of its kind to be held in North America.<br /><br />On Oct. 30-31, 2008 professionals from across North America will go to Ottawa to learn about improving organizational and employee performance through a better understanding of personality type.<br /><br />"This is an exciting year for conference attendees, because there will be sessions in both English and French. We have experts from across North America and also France sharing their knowledge. With the help of the MBTI instrument managers can better understand themselves and their staff, allowing them to improve communication, employee engagement and motivation. This leads to higher performance and employee retention&rdquo; says Mark Fitzsimmons, Managing Director of Psychometrics Canada Ltd.<br /><br />As companies struggle with employee retention in today&rsquo;s labor market there has been an increased demand for staff development programs. More and more companies in North America have realized that understanding personality is important for developing current staff.<br /><br />The MBTI tool is a powerful and versatile, indicator of personality type that is used throughout the world in a variety of languages for individual, group and organizational development. People attending the conference will learn to use the tool for team building, career direction, leadership development and conflict management.<br /><br />Psychometrics Canada is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and has been providing assessment and consulting services for over 30 years. Psychometrics is the only authorized Canadian distributor and<br />qualification provider of the MBTI. The company&rsquo;s expertise is in test development, online test delivery and consulting services focused on talent management.<br /><br /><strong>Fact Sheet</strong><br /><ul><li><strong>Event: </strong>MBTI Professional Development Conference</li><li><strong>Date:</strong> Oct. 30-31</li><li><strong>Location: </strong>Crowne Plaza Hotel Ottawa, Ontario, Canada</li><li><strong>Sessions</strong> include (English and French sessions):</li><ul><li>"Where the &lsquo;Eh&rsquo; Did That Come From? Exploring the Interaction of Canadian Culture and Type&rdquo;</li></ul><ul><li>&ldquo;Learning Styles and Effective Teaching&rdquo; </li></ul><ul><li>&ldquo;When Types Collide: Moving From Conflict to Confluence&rdquo;</li></ul><ul><li>&ldquo;Developing Leaders&rdquo;</li></ul><ul><li>&ldquo;Organizational Applications of Step II: Getting Started or Re-Started&rdquo;</li></ul><ul><li>&ldquo;Blending Logic and Values in the Workplace&rdquo;</li></ul><ul><li>&ldquo;Dites-moi quel est mon type&rdquo;</li></ul><ul><li>&ldquo;MBTI et cohésion d&rsquo;équipes&rdquo;</li></ul><ul><li>&ldquo;À la rencontre de l&rsquo;inconscient : pourquoi et comment&rdquo;</li></ul><ul><li>&ldquo;Le portrait d&rsquo;équipe : pareils / pas pareils?&rdquo; </li></ul></ul>Throughout this workshop, you will learn about the different ways to use the Step II facets through practical exercises and case studies in the areas of:<br /><ul><li>Communications.</li><li>Conflict management.</li><li>Decision making.</li><li>Time management.</li><li>Leadership development.</li><li>Team building/</li><li>Change management.</li></ul><p>You will leave with exercises you can use and the knowledge of how they work, as well as their limitations. </p>

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