First Advantage Launches Hiring Management

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<p><strong>Mumbai, India &mdash; May 16</strong><br />The Employer Services segment of First Advantage Corporation has announced that Fullerton India, a retail financial services company, has expanded its employment-screening client relationship with First Advantage by adding the Hiring Management System (HMS) to manage Fullerton&rsquo;s end-to-end recruitment process.&nbsp; </p><p>This marks First Advantage&rsquo;s entry into the talent management space in India. <br /><br />The First Advantage HMS is a recipient of the HR Systems Excellence Award from the International Quality and Productivity Centre (IQPC) for Innovative and Creative Development of Human Resource Technology and consistently has been ranked as a leading solution by independent sources.&nbsp; </p><p>First Advantage HMS tracks the candidate from the time the requisition is created through the hired candidate&rsquo;s entire tenure in the organization.&nbsp; </p><p>Using this system, recruiters and hiring managers can quickly source candidates and easily identify top applicants, ensuring they find the right hire faster. </p><p>First Advantage HMS combines dynamic sourcing strategies with tools to assess both hard and soft skills, background information and other key metrics that ensure hiring decisions are informed and timely.<br /><br />&quot;HMS will be configured to Fullerton&rsquo;s specific requirements,&quot; said Ashish Dehade, First Advantage managing director (West Asia). &quot;It will help optimize valuable organizational resources by bringing all hiring related processes through the entire employee life cycle to a common platform. Adoption of HMS will give Fullerton an edge over its competition in attracting talent while saving on precious organizational resources.&rdquo;<br /><br />The First Advantage HMS uses .NET technology, which allows the system to tailor the recruitment process to each specific user&rsquo;s needs, including the use of complementary service offerings, seamless HRIS integration and advanced workflow support. </p><p>The tool has a large database system, which can be configured irrespective of the number of employees in an organization. </p><p>Being a Web-based application, it is completely flexible and adaptable to the user organization&rsquo;s requirements and processes and, being user-friendly, adoption rates are extremely high. </p><p>The First Advantage HMS solution includes international capabilities such as 13 standard language translations and complete localization of the data scheme.</p>

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