Financial-Services Institution Acts to Prevent Compliance Failures

<p>A major bank&rsquo;s 6.3 million-pound fine in April 2006, following misconduct in its handling of share trades in two firms, has prompted the U.K. institution to use a novel approach to provide &ldquo;nuggets&rdquo; of regulatory and compliance-based information to employees. </p><p>This takes place via mobile performance support delivered to its staff&rsquo;s PDAs and BlackBerrys and also includes key learning points related to data protection.  </p>The mobile delivery system that is making this possible is supplied by learning and mobile content management technology provider, Giunti Labs. The content is being authored and developed for deployment by Eukleia Training Limited, a specialist provider of compliance training services for the financial-services sector.<br /><br />The learners&rsquo; test results &mdash; returned by Giunti Labs&rsquo; mobile learning platform &mdash; are being sent and monitored by the institution&rsquo;s learning and talent management system, provided by partner Cornerstone OnDemand.<br /> <br />Angus Turpin, managing director of Giunti Labs UK, explained that three key issues have prompted this approach: <br /><br />Many organizations in the financial-services sector, notably retail banks, reserve all of their network capacity during working hours for business operations. This leaves no capacity on the network for the vital e-learning programs that are needed to keep staff up-to-date with regulatory and compliance issues.<br /><br />To prevent unauthorized access to confidential information, Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulations, along with bank regulations, prohibit staff from using Bluetooth or other wireless networks with their laptops. Consequently, much of the staff in the financial-services sector relies on BlackBerrys to send…



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