FileMaker Offers New Certification and Training

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The availability of certification and training opportunities for FileMaker Pro 8 products was announced last week. The FileMaker 8 Certified Developer credential and the FileMaker Professional Training Foundation Series III education program are aimed at professionals involved with database administration, maintenance and support, as well as trainers and consultants who specialize in the company’s solutions.


Development for the FileMaker Pro 8 Certified Developer program started prior to the launch of the product line in August 2005. The result is a solid certification that evaluates candidates’ abilities with the entire FileMaker Pro 8 suite, said Delfina Daves, manager of FileMaker Developer Relations. “We characterize it as foundation-level, although I have to say it is a very comprehensive test,” she said. “It does a really good job of testing your development and deployment skills.”


The FileMaker Professional Training Foundation Series III program, which supports the certification, includes a book and CD, Daves said. It includes 13 comprehensive training modules—along with various demo files, exercises and tech briefs—that cover topics ranging from data modeling to developer skills to the Web. “It’s designed as leader-led,” she explained, and added that there are nine companies in the United States authorized to deliver the training. “We actually recommend that you attend the training courses, as opposed to just buying the book and CD, to get the most out of it. That is the intention.”


Aside from the obvious benefit of having a means of demonstrating a certain level of skill with FileMaker Pro 8 products, one of the main advantages of this credential is that the company helps connect independently employed certificants to potential clients. “Customers are going into our Web site and looking to get qualified consultants,” Daves said. “They’re not wanting to build their own solutions. If you are an FSA (FileMaker Solution Alliance) member, your company can be listed in our directory on the FileMaker Web site. Our certified developers are listed first. It’s really increased their business. They’ve gotten more calls because of that.”


Daves said the reaction to the announcement had been favorable so far and anticipated sustained success with the training and certification programs. “We’re very pleased with the way our certification program is going. We’ve had a very positive response with both customers and developers who’ve been certified, and we hope to continue that.”


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