FileMaker Offers Certification for its Products

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What do the Louvre, the famous Paris museum that houses the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo, and Industrial Light & Magic, the special-effects wizards behind some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, have in common? Both institutions use FileMaker information management applications to keep track of their very unique collections.

“I’d primarily characterize (FileMaker) as a solution development environment,” said Ryan Rosenberg, vice president of marketing and services for FileMaker Inc. “It impacts different business on different levels. “The thing that makes FileMaker interesting and fun to work with, versus a traditional application, is it’s used in so many ways.”


FileMaker launched a certification program in August to facilitate users’ job development and enhance their employment opportunities, as well as to help companies using those products distinguish qualified professionals. The credentialing program tests candidates on the knowledge required to develop and deploy organizational solutions using the complete FileMaker 7 product family, including FileMaker Pro 7, FileMaker Developer 7, FileMaker Mobile 7, and FileMaker Server 7 and FileMaker Server 7 Advanced.


FileMaker, which was established 20 years ago, started off as a straightforward database for individuals and workgroups, Rosenberg said. In fact, a substantial number of FileMaker users did not start out as IT professionals, but rather as workers in other fields that didn’t have the resources or expertise to develop an advanced application. “It’s really grown up over the years to become quite a sophisticated and powerful product line, without losing its ease-of-use,” he said. “What happened was, people who were using FileMaker started making a living over it. To help those folks get more out of FileMaker, we went ahead and created a training program. That was well-received, but people wanted more.”


This demand has led to a successful certification, said Delfina Daves, manager of FileMaker Inc.’s developer relations program. After only four months, the program was expanded to include exam offerings in French, Italian, German, Swedish, Spanish and Dutch, which is fitting since the company does slightly more than half of its business overseas.


The exams have 60 questions that test a candidate’s fundamental understanding of the FileMaker suite of products. There are no prerequisites, though Daves recommends studying FileMaker’s Professional Training Foundation Series II, and reading technical briefs and product manuals on the company Web site. Exams are available at Thomson Prometric centers worldwide.

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