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Certification Feature
Your Career Path to CIO
Brian Summerfield & Sarah Stone Wunder
The role of chief information officer is the pinnacle for corporate IT professionals. But to go from the server room to the boardroom, IT pros need more than technical skills. It takes advanced soft skills and business sense, as well.


Job Roles Feature
Web Site Designers: HTML Auteurs
Daniel Margolis

Web site design, as careers go, is relatively young. The market for Web design skills is roughly 10 to 15 years old. So a traditional path for learning how to do it can be difficult to identify.

Techniques Feature
Figuring Out What You’re Worth
Patrick von Schlag

Determining whether you’re fairly compensated can be one of the most frustrating aspects of any career. It always seems as if the grass is greener elsewhere, but how do you know? It takes an analysis of your experience, education, age, industry and more.




Tech Careers
Sunny or Stormy? The Forecast for IT Employment in 2007
Katherine Spencer Lee

According to the “Robert Half Technology 2007 Salary Guide,” prospects are bright for IT professionals in many specialties. Firms continue to expand and, as a result, increase their investments in IT products and services.


Consultant’s Corner
Be Smart About Money: Three Financial Tips for Consultants

David Garrett
Money is not the root of all evil, but not having enough of it has inspired more evils than a body can count. As a consultant, you have to worry about money every day, because you’re not only your firm’s chief software designer but also its chief financial officer and head of sales.


Virtual Village
Searching For IT Answers

Data Stream
News & Notes for Certified Professionals


After the Elections: Now What?

Daniel Margolis
Since the much ballyhooed 2006 midterm elections have ended, most Americans have probably calmed down and found themselves wondering, “OK, but what does this mean for me?” For IT pros, it’s likely to mean positive change, as the 110th Congress has the potential to be very technology friendly.




IBM: A Technical and Professional Development Mecca for IT
Kellye Whitney

For many IT professionals in the job market, whether they are actively looking for work or passively scouting around for new or better opportunities, IBM represents a kind of Holy Grail.


Inside Certification
Partner-Driven, Customer-Ready: Novell’s Specialist Certifications
Steven King

Information technology professionals must be able to meet the most aggressive demands on the business network. They must be qualified to implement technologies, deliver on high-profile business initiatives, troubleshoot complex problems and safeguard all business information within the environment.


Specialty Certification
Vendor-Neutral Foundations for Efficient Storage Certification
Ralph Luchs

Storage is one of the fastest-changing and fastest-growing markets in IT today. With the SNIA Storage Networking Certification Program (SNCP), storage professionals at all levels can develop a foundation of vendor-neutral, systems-level credentials.




Editor’s Letter
Desk Rage!
Brian Summerfield

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