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Career Strategies for the Age of Global Outsourcing
Jonathan Thatcher
According to Forrester Research, 830,000 positions will move offshore by 2005, leaving U.S. workers worried about their own futures. Here are some strategies to build your career despite the job security blues.



Performance Tuning & PC Tweaking
Ed Tittel
While most operating systems claim to be self-tuning, there are still tools available to help you tweak and tune the performance of your machines and networks. We’ve got 10 top tools for your tinkering pleasure.

Network Tools: The Art of Troubleshooting Directory Problems
Douglas Mechaber
When you know what the directory is doing, you can diagnose and fix problems quickly. Diagnostic utilities with tracing tools and log files are an important part of any network administrator’s toolkit.

Security Tools: Have In-House Spies as Your Network’s Eyes
Douglas Schweitzer
One cornerstone of network security is the ability to track traffic content and flow. Network managers can use monitoring tools to prevent denial of service attacks and other breaches from disrupting their systems.

Tech Tools: Monitoring & Analyzing VoIP Traffic
Emily Hollis
According to IDC, the transformation to VoIP is under way, with sales increasing steadily to organizations and individuals. Monitoring tools used at all stages of deployment ensure end-user satisfaction.



Extending SANs Over TCP/IP
Richard Froom & Erum Frahim
Extending storage over a distance is a necessity for widespread enterprise networks. You can use Cisco’s Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) solution to provide data storage without building separate transport networks.

How-To…‘Stealth’ Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Tim Warner
When a PC hosts sensitive data but still needs to access the LAN and the Internet, going into stealth mode is your best bet. Here are seven tips to improve security on any Windows XP box on your network.

Security: Encryption in Business
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
As businesses must increasingly secure sensitive data, they have relied on various encryption technologies to hide information from prying eyes. This month, we look at new and existing encryption techniques.



DBA Evolution: Oracle Database 10g Certification
Paul Sorensen & Nick Angelis
Changing global IT environments require new skills for IT professionals. Oracle’s new Database 10g certifications fit the time and budget needs of database administrators and help them compete.

Get EMC Proven—and Take Advantage of IT Storage Growth
Alok Shrivistava
Since EMC restructured and relaunched its Proven Professional training and certification program in April 2004, more than 4,500 customers, partners and employees have used the program to boost their skills.

2005 Hiring and Salary Outlook
Katherine Spencer Lee
The IT hiring outlook for 2005 is rosy, but companies are still cautious about adding new staff. By earning skills in these hot areas, IT professionals can get ahead of the competition and advance their careers.



Certification Testing in IT: How Important Is It?
David Foster, Ph.D.

Ships Passing in the Day
John A. Venator

Who’s Your IT Idol?
Brian Summerfield



Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
Lost in Translation


CertMag on the Web

CertMag’s Letters to the Editor

Eye on Certification: Project Management
Brian Summerfield
Project management remains a high-demand specialty of crucial importance to organizations. To offshore-proof your job, check out project management certifications from CompTIA and PMI.

Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Telecom Certification
Christy Colbert
According to the Telecommunications Industry Association, U.S. telecom spending is expected to grow $1 trillion in 2007. To get on board, check out the AOTMP’s Certified Telecom Management Specialist certification.

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