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The ABCs of Network Security
Kevin X. Song, Ph.D.
As networks face an increasing range of vulnerabilities, it is imperative to understand the basics of network security. By looking deep into how network security works, you can protect your assets.

A Five-Step Plan to Kick-Start Your Consulting Career
Andrew Neitlich
For many IT professionals, starting a consulting business is a dream come true. Here’s a five-step plan to get your business on the right track and to keep the clients coming in.



The Business of Electronic Signatures
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
Electronic signatures speed business processes. IT professionals must understand this technology to help their businesses maintain a competitive edge.

Planning and Managing Certifications
Ed Tittel
Maintaining your existing certifications requires a certain amount of planning. Learn how to balance old and new to build your portfolio of credentials.

Double Duty for IT Certifications: Boost Your Company and Your Career
Ed Denzler
Certifications help IT professionals build their careers and help businesses support their systems. But what kind of training will give you the tools you need to succeed?

Nortel Networks Certification: Contributing to a Successful Partnership
Bill McFarlane
The convergence of communications networks is driving IT professionals to seek new skills. Nortel Networks provides the certifications you need to verify those skills.

CompTIA IT Project+—Significant Additions Increase Value
Eva Chen
When looking to build their careers, many IT professionals choose to boost their soft skills. CompTIA’s recently revised IT Project+ can help you grow your project management expertise.



How Project Management Can Make—And Save—You Money
David Garrett
Looking for a way to boost your bottom line? By building your ability to manage projects effectively, you can pad your pocketbook.

How to Handle Career Mistakes
Katherine Spencer Lee
Nobody’s perfect, but those little mistakes you make on your career path can feel overwhelming. Learn from those mistakes and use what you find to work toward your professional goals.



Where Are the Opportunities Now?
Martin Bean

Fairness and Cheating
David Foster, Ph.D.

Hidden in Plain Sight
John A. Venator



Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
Knowing What’s Good for You

Letters to the Editor


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Why Are Security Technologies Failing Us?
Shlomo Touboul
By now, most businesses know that they must protect themselves from the onslaught of threats to their networks. So why aren’t their security solutions stopping the assault?


CloseUp: Certified Information Forensics Investigator
Ed Tittel
There are many paths open to information security professionals these days. With the Information Systems Forensics Association’s CIFI credential, forensics investigators can certify their ability to track down the intruders.

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