Feb-03: Featuring Certification Success

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5 Steps to Certified Success
Julie Kernan
Certification can definitely be the start of something good, career-wise, but only if you put in the required time and effort. We’ve got a step-by-step guide to get you off on the right certified foot.

Certify Your Business Skills
Bonni Frazee
A career cannot survive on technical skills alone; today’s successful professional brings a variety of talents to the employer’s table. Business skills certification is another weapon for your expert arsenal.



CertMag’s Security StudyGuide



Getting Hands-On With Your Security Training
David Mantica
Most large companies today have developed security plans. But implementing these safeguards demands “security doers.” With the right training, you can safely succeed.

Enterprise Perimeter Security and Firewall Systems
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
Whether you’re guarding a presidential palace or a corporate network, perimeter security is the first line of defense. A firewall system will keep the intruders out.

Real-World Experience Aids Certification Preparation
Ed Tittel
There are countless ways to study for certification, but hands-on beats them all hands down. This month, Ed looks at various avenues of study and the hands-on help they offer.

Hands-On Expertise Leads to Certification Success
Tanisha Blakely
Chris Crayton was more than 10 years into his technical career before getting certified. Four credentials later, he’s written the book on IT education.

MCAD and MCSD: A Certified Advantage
Dan Truax
With its progression to .NET technology, Microsoft has introduced certifications for application and solution developers. Take a look at what MCAD and MCSD can do for you.



A Pound of Prevention: The Importance of Business Insurance
David Garrett
Trouble is something that happens to other people right? Wrong. If you’re in business for yourself, you should hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Business insurance is a safe place to start.

The Diversified Trainer
Ann Beheler
Like many other specialties, the more skills a trainer has, the more value he or she has to offer. For that reason alone, trainers need to be lifelong learners.

Hit the Ground Running as an IT Manager
Paula Moreira
Congratulations, you’ve just earned that promotion to IT management. Now what do you do? Here’s how to hit the ground running.

Client, Contact and Customer Management
Ed Tittel
Regardless of industry, IT work involves servicing clients, customers and internal contacts. Keeping a handle on who’s who will help you get ahead faster.



Dangerous Myth: The Diminishing Value of Certification?
Martin Bean

One Issue We Can All Agree On
John A. Venator

It’s a Putter
David Foster, Ph.D.



Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
Which Way Will You Go?

Letters to the Editor


CertMag on the Web

The New CCNA
Al Rivas
Thinking about a Cisco certification? We turned to a former Cisco instructor to get an inside view of the Cisco credentials that will advance your career.

Dissecting the IBM Certified Developer Test
Joel Amoussou
With XML quickly emerging, the need for developers is clear. IBM Certified Developer Test #141 helps validate the needed skills. This month, we go deep to help you ace the exam.

How to Study for Certification
Denny Yost
There are four main methods for certification preparation—classroom, self-paced e-learning, live e-learning and self-study. What study solution works for you?

At a Career Crossroads
Katherine Spencer Lee
Sometimes you find yourself at a crossroads, forced to tread a path away from job duties you enjoy. Here’s how to make the choices you can work with.

CloseUp: Law Enforcement, Investigation and Forensics
Ed Tittel
Security is an important topic for industries today, but no system is perfect. When the worst happens, certified professionals can help pick up the pieces.


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