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<p><b>Perth, Ontario &mdash; Nov. 1</b> <br />Based on extensive customer feedback, dominKnow LCMS 5.0 from dominKnow Inc. now offers a built-in authoring tool and several other features aimed at erasing complexity from e-learning courseware development. </p><p>&quot;This release will really help organizations create online training faster and more effectively than ever before,&quot; dominKnow CEO Bill Beacham said. </p><p>A new integrated authoring tool leads the list of new features in dominKnow LCMS 5.0. </p><p>&quot;The authoring tool is designed to benefit both training departments new to e-learning, as well as seasoned online learning development teams,&quot; Beacham said. &quot;With the new tool, e-learning novices with two days of dominKnow training will be able to develop courses in a day or less, making dominKnow LCMS the prevalent interface for all courseware development, as well as deployment.&quot; </p><p>For experienced courseware developers, dominKnow LCMS 5.0 offers a wide range of advanced deployment features, including: </p> <div><li>Easy creation of template libraries that can be re-used across an organization&#39;s courseware projects </li><li>Support for all varieties of multimedia from audio to video to Flash animations, which helps increase learner engagement and create effective learning experiences </li><li>Centralized asset repositories for images, audio, video and more that allow easy reuse of courseware components and also simplify updates to these files </li><li>Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) support to assist in visual standardization of an organization&#39;s courseware, as well as simplify format revisions </li><li>Built-in spell checking to ensure content accuracy </li><li>Export options, including .PDF, Flash paper and HTML to allow online courseware resources to be used in instructor-led and blended-learning training approaches <p>dominKnow LCMS 5.0 also offers a completely revamped Course Edit menu. The new menu gives developers greater control over course structure and deployments than ever before, allowing most course structure changes to be made from this single menu, including adding content to Learning Objects, adding test questions, previewing files and more. </p><p>The new menu gives developers the flexibility to work the way they want with task options available on a traditional top- menu, as well as available by right-clicking the mouse. </p><p>dominKnow LCMS 5.0&#39;s test question engine also has advanced. New options increase the flexibility of the LCMS&#39;s randomization feature, allowing instructional designers to focus testing effectively. </p><p>Also, new test question input wizards expand the range of available test question options and make it easier to add these questions to a course. </p></li></div></p>

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